Lord and King


Life Without Christ is like ART without Color and Coffee without Creamer and Day without the Sun.

I thought this a cool black and white photo. But guess what!?  It isn’t black and white. This COLOR photograph was taken by my brother-in-law, Russel Lowder. I swear…oops, shouldn’t swear.  I promise, it really IS a color photo, but because it was taken at night under the full moon, it looks black and white. While the moon’s light is quite bright when full, it is still not bright enough to reflect color. And thus, we see we will always need the sun. Without God and His Son, we cannot see with spiritual eyes, true colors. Through the lens of judgement and assumption our vision is dimmed,  growth limited, and lives empty  and muted without color. The moon is restless in trying to mimic the Sun.  Finds some satifaction in knowing it can still bring the Son’s light to a night time world of creatures, and even if it is on low beam, it is something beautiful and good.  We should all desire to be more like the moon and the sun in letting our light shine.

Ecclesiastes 1:3    What do people gain from all their labors
 at which they toil under the sun?  Not sure who is posing this question.  Some wise teacher no doubt.  Either Solomon or David, I think.  Without getting into a huge disertation on the worth of souls, and human dignity and divinity, I will just say PLENTY!  We gain plenty in our efforts. Mostly JOY.  The Universe abundant and the Son generous and wanting us to succeed in our toils. I think God gives us commandments to bless our lives, if we can only remember to remember and to bless His name in all things.

The sun has been a major theme in my summering whether I’ve been swimming at Centenial Pool in Peoria, Az., hiking high on a mountain top on Timpanogos, or rough riding a high stack hay wagon in hauling hay.  The Son gives light and life.  And so can we.

In light of viewing a friend’s “Master’s Peaces” and on-line gallery, I have been reading to understand.  Reading Ecclesiastes, and other stories in the “Good Book.” Been online the New Living Translation,  as well as my 1968 GR edition of Childrens Stories of the Bible From the Old and New Testament.   The one you could find forty years ago in every doctor and dentist office across America. Also reading dolly parables and finding parallels in The Original Stories of Raggedy Ann, compliments of Summit County Friends of the Library discarded, dollar collection.

I love Raggedy Ann, and as a child had a Raggedy Ann doll which I dragged along with me everywhere, along with my “frag,” security blanket.  My Great Grandma Ann, a Danish immigrant gave Raggedy to me when I was two or three.  This is when we lived on the Avenues of SLC, at 80 “C” Street just below LDS Hospital.  Huge brick home with scalding steam radiators and a box window in the front room with a cushioned bench where I would sprawl out in the sunshine and read books.

I remember this grandma scolding me, and in doing so I feared her and her paring knife, with which she could peel in one, long continuous fibonacci spiral peel, an apple. She scolded me once for telling my todler brother, Rocky, “I hate you!”  He had taken Grandma’s attention away from me while we were rocking restlessly on her lap in the rocking chair.  In my three year old mind, Raggedy Ann and Grandma Ann were invariably the same in sharing a name.  Raggedy, sweet and soft and flexible.  Grandma constant, sure, and sometimes firm.  Both have been lost for many years, but memories linger.

These stories are endearing, and incite ones inner child in the reading and re-reading of them.  Children, and Raggedy Ann possess a simple pureness of heart and charity freely given to all.  An especially poignant line in which the exhausted Raggedy chooses to be grateful, rather than complain about her rag doll aches and pains from a big day’s rescue, says, “If my legs and arms were not stuffed with nice clean cotton I feel sure they would ache, but being stuffed with nice clean white cotton, they do not ache and I could not feel happier if my body were stuffed with sunshine, for I know how pleased and happy Mistress will be when she discovers Fido asleep in his own little basket, safe and sound at home.”  Her last thought before drifting off into blessed slumber is for someone other than herself. Nice prayer I think.

 In the same dolly story in which Mistress’s Fido goes missing, the gang ends up at the dog catcher’s place staging a rescue.  They find Fido. You will have to read the rest.  Most definately has to do with the Law of Attraction.  I wonder how the red hound, Mabel is doing, happily at her Heber home.

 I think I would like to be more like Raggedy Ann. Thinking thoughts for others that only she could think….and lovingly acting on them.   I would like to have a smile forever painted on my face, and possess only the best feelings and intentions toward those around me.  Stitched and made of all the  “white” stuff.  Sweet and cottony.  I think then I might be found more acceptable to Christ.

I  imagine walking into the school office by way of the computer lab to find Jesus seated on the “waiting” chairs, reading the Raggedy Ann book to Kindergarteners, along with a sundry of dollies….Raggedy, the soldier, the French doll and other dolls with real hair and eyes that blink. With           waving through the vinyl window to          to come out. And me crying tears of joy, and thinking out loud, “I could not feel happier if my body were stuffed with sunshine!”

Sunshine is what I seek. Sometimes don my hiking shirt, pretending to be a plant, and photosynthesize.  I hear some doubt, obsessing and mourning a summer already spent, when there are still glorious weeks ahead to live.  Even though our mug over flows, why is it we can only see the coffee half-gone, cold, and weak, much like the qualities we see in ourselves.  I find hope and confidence in knowing we are strong in Him.

 Life without Christ is like Art without color, coffee without creamer, and days without sunshine.  We are alive now.  Now is our time to shine.  Are we shining, reflecting the light of Christ as relected by the Sun, or once or twice removed like the moon, paleing in our doubts and insecurities?

We are and can be like the Son. Our energy infinent and eternal.  Even a small growing canine shepherd can remind us in his way, the time is “now” in tipping coffee cups to a starbust sun.

1 Response to Lord and King

  1. Thanks for reminding me about Ecclesiastes. There’s a lot of great stuff in there. I looked up the verse you mentioned above and found the context interesting. Here’s the passage I looked at: http://www.bibletools.org/index.cfm/fuseaction/Bible.show/sVerseID/17319/eVerseID/17319

    On the one hand, the overall tone of the passage does appear to be dejection and frustration with the impermanent results of human endeavor. “There is no new thing under the sun,” says the Preacher. “I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and behold, all is vanity and vexation of the spirit.” But I’m not sure he is saying that all of our efforts are for naught. It’s at times like these that I wish I knew Hebrew so that I could see if there are nuances of language that have been lost in translation. What does “under the sun” mean? Is the sun a metaphor for God, as in, human endeavor alone isn’t as useful as we think it is? Perhaps we need to have a better perspective on our own small aims.

    These verses seem to support that reading. And I find them comforting:

    1:4 One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh: but the earth abideth for ever.
    1:5 The sun also ariseth, and the sun goeth down, and hasteth to his place where he arose.
    1:6 The wind goeth toward the south, and turneth about unto the north; it whirleth about continually, and the wind returneth again according to his circuits.
    1:7 All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full; unto the place from whence the rivers come, thither they return again.
    1:8 All things are full of labour; man cannot utter it: the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing.

    They suggest to me that labor happens without me, that I do not need to be ceaseless in my labors. “All things are full of labour,” he says, not just man’s things. The earth abides forever, the sun also rises, the winds blow, the seas and the rivers replenish themselves.

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