About the Author

The Mermaid Swims

The Mermaid swims in strength and truth

Illusive in her perfect youth

Existing whether believed or not

Dangerous in challenging what’s been taught

Sublimely balks the status quo to find a voice in what she knows

Repeating stories of sailors and whales

Come.  Stay awhile in swapping tales.


Choose to make port, or if not,

Sail on

But careful of the siren song

And if in the liking you find yourself

Inspired or taught, then stay

And tell:

Who does your heart say you are?

What are you doing to follow your star?

When was the last time you smiled inside?

Where is the home that calls you from crying?

Why should you tarry these waters? Depends.

Abide these currents with mermaid friends.

4 Responses to About the Author

  1. I FINALLY took time away from my silly dizzy social whirl to sit down tonight and read some of your blog. My dear “niece”! You are quite a writer! And I am certain, quite a good teacher. More on a later e…….

    • Hi, Aunt Marilla. So nice to hear from you. Thanks again for the postcard. I was on Main Street tonight with two other teachers. Attended an open house for three delightful stops: PC Museum, Mega Genius(?) a non-profit free tutoring service (The are looking for volunteers), and Kimball Art Center. I loved the Kimball most. I just love art…and Jenny Dierson, the ed. director there is awesome. So excited to line up some free field trips now. School is good. We have started writing our class opera. I have been designing a front back scrapbook page for my Italian missionary son, Donavon. A Xmas book is in the making for all missionaries from our area. All the best. -Heidi

    • Today I received a most delightful postcard in my school mailbox! Thank you Aunt Marilla. Luck grand-nephew twins! So you have been to Boston? This science museum looks awesome. Giant Tesla devices!!!! How was your Thanksgiving. Mine was good. Pics of the family on my blog. Things are improving at work. Hey! I have met a blogger named JT Weaver. He wants to help me with my writing. I am flattered but not sure what to do. I guess I will see what he has to say. Happy days year round! Have you been hiking lately? Please write me at themermaidswims8@gmail.com 🙂 -Heidi

    • Hey Aunt Marilla! Always a great joy to find postcards in my box at school and hugs sent from you! Merry Christmas! Love, Heidi

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