In Which I am Thankful I am Surrounded by Good Witches and Gobblings…




Today I am thankful…

for good witches (not the bad ones found jelly side down in a sand box,

or the frightening warty ones of literary and cinema horror stories,

but good ones… Glinda, and Elphaba, and Xan, and teachers

who clap their hands believing in fairies and scatter pixie dust

some flying with wings and gold and rainbows

Some reading Roald Dahl…with or without gloves and square-toed shoes.

Which ones?……good women, with kind thoughts, understanding hearts,

and who have each others backs

*I am thankful too for

gobblers ( ha ha…..not of the turkey kind……but of the children kind

(sometimes hungry, and sometimes not, but more often than not,

birds of a feather, grateful for the snacks I scatter before them)



I am thankful

my life does not depend on eating some of that turkey feed and…….Seaweed.

It was March, and the Moon was full of milk, like a first time Spring heifer about to calve. It was the week of Dads and Doughnuts, and Read Across America, when on a whim, I bought a package of dried seaweed at Whole Foods. Oh, the Places I go.  This school year, I have a student who loves the stuff, and just for kicks I decided to taste it.  I was dying to know what the draw was. Why did he love the stuff so much.

After one bite, I discovered there is no draw for me.  Zilch. Zero. Nada. No magnetism.  Let’s just say I experienced the Law of Repulsion. Barfo! It smelled and tasted like…goldfish food.  Yes.  I have tasted goldfish food. So along with that bite of seaweed, I think I drank more water in five minutes than I had all day that Saturday…and that was a double Title work-out day, which meant mega hydration.

So,  I sat in Pearl,  carefully chewing, nose plugged so as not to taste the smell. I imagined the green stuff as green eggs n ham.  I was hoping Seuss’s Magic would work on me. Initially, the stuff crackled and mixed with saliva like a thin slice of celophane. Thoughts left Mulberry Street and  meandered toward Sassman and Wetz Lanes , backroads of my rural Texas upbringing. Memories of well-done scrambled eggs filled my brain. I held these heavenly haloed on my tongue.  The scabby skiffs of egg-run residues. I concentrated my tongue, like a spatula scraping a ring around the teflon rim of the frying pan.  The egg pan trimmings were my favorite thing about breakfast as a kid. Better than bacon. Sweeter than juice.  I loved making a  quick collection of crusty protein.  So with a fast greasy finger, I garnered these, as if playing with fire, trying not to get burned on the still-hot pan before mom could catch me and take the turner.

Turn the clock forward forty years. The whole time, at  Whole Foods, while in that awful cud chewing mouthful moment, even the best imagining could NOT make the seaweed taste good.  So, like the creative stack and stockpiler I am, I saved the despicable thing. Rather than toss it to the trash, I took the seaweed to school and stashed it on top of a rolling bookshelf.  Just knowing I had attempted eating the stuff, was worthy of a prize ribbon.  Just possessing some of it, felt just as empowering toward magikal, because I knew it would only be a matter of time before a certain little boy would want it.  There: along-side a plethora of skinny, fine-tip markers, crisp roll of golden tickets, and sundry master copies of just run, or needing to be run Reading Street tests and practice sheets. Yesterday’s custodial pen and pencil pick-ups,  Sleddy the Snowman who is still counting down the days until next Christmas, and Rusty, the recess cowbell, had nothing on the seaweed pack as I would discover.


Student: (with a Big Smile, drawing out my name) “Mrs. Rrrrrrr, Can I have a piece of

your seaweed?”

Teacher: ” Did your dad bring a supply to Mrs. Beamann yet?”

Student: “Nooooooo.”

Teacher: “I guess your dad needs to do his homework then.”

Student: “The China people live too far away for them to get it.”

Teacher: ” Your dad doesn’t have to go to China to get seaweed. There is a store in the city, less than an hour from here. And…..the workers don’t live in China either.”

Student:  “I know. My dad has been too busy….(endless excuses)”

Teacher:  “Maybe you should work on your dad instead of working on me.  He needs to do his homework. If you want seaweed, your dad will have to bring it to Mrs. Beaman.”

Student: “Okaaaaaay.” ( Pause.  I am doing homework check-in and attendance, etc.  Student is standing next to me.)

Teacher:  “Do you know how most mornings I am the one checking  in on you, asking  how your morning is going and if you have eaten breakfast?”

Student: (Nods.)

Teacher:  “Well, today, you might need to be asking ME those questions.  I had a really rough start this morning. But the good news is……even though it started out that way, I can still choose to make today a happy day. You know, you can make it happy too. Does that make sense?”

Student:  “Yes.”

Teacher: “Good.”  (Student slinks back unsatisfied to his desk, continues to stall and does not comply with work requests.  Picks up a book called Explorers and reads, rather than working on an Ipad task.)

Teacher: (Lets it go, realizing that INTEREST drives reading……and Reading is good and better than no reading.)


(Rewind to approximately 30 minutes earlier)

7:38 am

I notice daylight permeating the peach and mauve-acado  J.C. Penny floral curtains

Sit stark upright, wondering if it is Friday

Nope it WASN’T!!!!  (That was tomorrow’s Snow Day holiday)

Dove into a pile of pillows to retrieve a cell phone


Discovered to my horror it truly was…..7:39 a.m.

It was a school day

The Benedryl sleeping pill had done the job…..TOO WELL

Knocking me out like a Title prize fighter!

And so, with a head ringing like a  bell

I called for help.

All day long…..

I am grateful for Mrs. S. for opening up my classroom, letting in the children, and for cracking the iPad safe.

I am thankful for Mrs. B.

for sitting with the children until I arrived 20 minutes later


I am thankful I made it to school ALIVE without incident

and that I slowed to 20 mph in the school zones


even in a fuzzy state of dishevelment, without a morning routine,

without beloved  COFFEE

ambrosia of the gods

without deodorant, oblivious to the sunrise, and without thoughtful morning prayer,

With the biggest Benedryl hangover headache possible

I arrived ALIVE.


So thankful for Mrs. B……for B-ing there.

Thankful for students who

are kind and get to work  without too many questions.

Thankful for the Office help and for a shorty-bus shuttle

to the swimming pool so we didn’t have to walk in the snow and rain

the 2×2 blocks to and from the high school pool.

I am thankful for space, and for quiet recovery to go sit in Pearl and to put on

make-up in a belated parking lot ritual

I am thankful for

a prayer of quiet gratitude

I am grateful for no judgement

No one there, aware, and  judging the state of my mind and my physical appearance

in this moment.

I am thankful for imagination

and for my Savior’s  arms around me

as I realize…….everything is okay and is going to be okay.

I also realize…….I have a sleep problem, among other problems

that I wish to overcome

but I am really just very thankful……that I woke up.

Later I see a friend.  She is hanging Art in the kiva. They are the pixelated pictures; a product of the practice of “Seeing” things as they are. I tell my friend what happened.  She listens and cares.  Then she shares some scary personal stories about a family member with sleep problems.  The individual was so out-of-it on pills, that she would wake in the middle of the night in a zombie state and  cook food.  One night she almost burned down the house.  Wow!

I am thankful……that I don’t cook…(ha ha)…(under the influence)

and that the only waking I do (in the night)

is in a hot flash, or

is to go to the bathroom

or to make the cold, hard wood floor walk, to fill my green plastic, bed-side water cup.

I am thankful I can walk… with and without pain.   And I am thankful for water.

I am thankful for school lunch……..cuz I was soooo hungry today.

Not even a Yoohoo snack drink, almonds, and two fist-fulls of Cheeze-its would quell my churning stomach.

I am thankful… (that I don’t have four stomachs like cows do….or otherwise…

I might have had 4 times the hunger)

I am thankful…

for kind lunch ladies who make it my way, right away, and don’t mind customizing

the lucky red tray

without, chips, cake, cookies, and cinnamon rolls, even though all of these things are homemade and delicious.

I am thankful for protein and carb cycling

for baked chicken and homemade rolls,

for green salad, with Ranch dressing and dried blueberries (bugs).

And….I am thankful  I am frequently caught on the knot of lunch room tug-o-war,

being beckoned by my children to eat with them.


(12:00 pm, Lunch)

Seaweed Kid:  “Mrs. R., will you sit by me?”

Teacher:  (Slight pause. Whispering heart) (Enthusiastic) “YES.”

Student:  “I get to sit by the BEST teacher ever.”

Teacher: “I’m glad you are feeling happy today.” I sit down and begin eating french fries.

Student: “Mrs. R., You are loved.”  (Student half-hugs me.)

Teacher:  “I’m glad you are feeling good today. You know, I don’t always feel loved.”

Student: “Well, you are!”

Teacher: “Thank you.”  ( I imagine this has something to do with me inviting students to have inside recess in our classroom with Legos, rather than face the chaos of inside recess in the gym.)

I am thankful for

inside recess (at least for today)

for happy, playfully engaged children

and for seeing stormy weather as an opportunity


And so…… I host the Lego Club and another edition of

“Robotic Starbucks of the Future” as it is wonderfully imagined by my 4th graders.

I am also thankful

I could rescue two girls from the wrath of a witchy teacher casting dark spells

outside her own territory.  So, I  was Glad to welcome in with a wink, two girls form another class as my own, who had curiously gone rogue from the gym to find safe haven in my classroom.

I am thankful for smiles

from those girls and others who chose to build domino trains and  “gears” into  engineering something future-rama.

I am grateful for many things, not the least of which are my 4th grade gobblings,

one of which covets a nasty  feather-weight seaweed pack, that I keep as a reminder of leveraged power

that is …….the Power

to do good or to reward good on my terms, with Love and Logic,

And so I will end with this….

and promptly make a sandwich made for gobbling















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“Each man ( and mermaid) will be like a shelter from the wind and a refuge from the storm, like streams of water in the desert and the shadow of a great rock in a thirsty land”. Isa 32:2 NIV Warning: The author of this blog is not an ordinary individual. Even Mermaids need a rest from all that's real and grown up. Welcome to the wonder of blog. Come be audience to all that's wet and wild in her stories, poems and thoughts. Instructor by day, super hero by night, and mystical mermaid by summer. Whenever she has the fortune of diving into a pond, reservoir, or mountain waterfall, you'll find her there swimming, and singing songs of life.
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