Monday Monday, or Should I say… Wow!

 “Once in a lifetime something happens and becomes an American touch stone.”
Ha ha!!!  I just heard the PBS Harley riding historian on American Ride say this about the Great Earthquake of San Francisco.  You have to admit, Richard Gere was powerful in consuming many a salivating woman as he appeared in  American Gigolo in 1980.  Actually, I never saw this movie. I was an innocent 13 year old back then.
Monday, September 19, 2016
Dear Mom,
I love you! Thanks for your email! Sorry mine are so short and lame. I run out of time fast. I am glad you met Lis! She is awesome:) I love you! Thanks for the pic! Tell Suni I love her too! P.S. Don’t watch any more scary movies. Have a great week! You are doing amazing things for these kids:)
Dear Sister Robertson,
Hi, Devon!
Hey! I thought about linking a Youtube clip of the Mamas and the Papas singing their hit,
“Monday, Monday,” or maybe one of The Presidents of the United States singing “Millions of Peaches,” but I am not as skilled as I would like to be in the ways of technology, and after what went down at Whole Foods with me this weekend, I will be writing my own original, ridiculous song called….”Peach Pits and Scary Shiz.”
Okay…..More to come.  Keep reading!
So a few EXCITING things have happened since we last emailed.
1.  Guess what?! I went kickboxing with Sister Mumford.  I was so impressed by her desire and drive.  She came all the way from Ephraim/ Snow College to try it out..  She got stuck in traffic on the freeway around American Fork area and was late, so I didn’t meet her until almost the end of the class.  We were doing partner drills and on the rotation I was matched up with her. Ha ha.  I was giving pointers and teaching her how to do a proper punch jab. At the next cue for rotation I introduced myself and she said to me, “I’m Lis.  Sister Mumford!”  Ha ha.  We chatted for a bit after class.  She told me that she and you would go running some mornings. Ha ha.  I told her that was fairly remarkable since you don’t like running.
2.  The students and I are increasingly learning the ways of 4th grade and are settling into the classroom together. Friday we finished listening to the Big Friendly Giant.   I am grateful that one  little boy is having more good days than bad ones and that he likes freeze dried seaweed as a reward for his efforts. I don’t care how bad the stuff smells as long as it works.  I wish I had studied psychology in college.
3.  Donavon was home Friday and Saturday.  He installed a headlight in the old blue Taurus so it is road worthy again.  Your sister hit a deer a couple weeks ago.
4.  I planted trees with Wasatch Back Trees, Jason Barto, and a group of volunteers.  We planted about 14 trees around a parking area at the People’s  Clinic near the IHC Hospital.  This was fun.  When I first arrived I noticed a few hot air balloons in the sky.  A Balloon Festival was underway. Guess what!!! On of these landed next to us in the middle of Round Valley Drive.  This was so crazy!
 5.  A strange thing happened to me today.  So last night, your brother insisted I see a cinematography wonder .  It  was a movie clip of a car crash sequence from a movie called 10 Cloverfield.  I did watch it and within minutes I was so curious, I had to continue watching the movie with him.  I should not have done this.  It was a creepy, scary show.  When it ended I confessed I should not have watched the thing, and I was convinced I would have a nightmare that night. He told me I would be fine.  I was not!  It ended up playing out as a “Daymare”the next day.
Definitely a Daymare:  I went to SLC.  I stopped by Whole Foods to get some peaches.  When I left the store, I got into my car and started looking at my phone like so many people do. I was in the process of calling Suni to make a plan to visit her.  This is when a young man approached my car.
Just prior to this I had glanced across the parking lot and noticed this young man walking  as if lost or unable to find his vehicle.  I happened to glance up and smile, making distant eye contact.  The next thing I knew, he was walking toward me.  This made me uncomfortable because I wan’t sure why he would do this.  I immediately locked my door and continued searching on my phone in an attempt to call Suni.
At first I thought the youth might ask me for money for fuel or something.  I rolled the window down a few inches and asked, “What can I do for you?” thinking he would tell me a car story, or ask for money or something.  This is when he said, “Hi.  I was wondering if you wanted to hang out.”  This literally (think of Chris on Parks & Rec. saying “lit-rally”!!!) …LIT-RALLY blew my mind!  I looked at him and was rendered jaw-dropping speechless.  Then I started laughing  uncontrollably and said, “I am flattered but I am old enough to be your mother!  Have a nice day.”
If his initial bold approach wasn’t enough,  he persisted, “This may be true, but I just wanted to see if you wanted to hang out.”  I told him “No Thank you,” and rolled up the window, breaking eye contact. Then he walked away as I sat there frazzled in disbelief.
Devon, I was so freaked out.  I wondered if this twenty-something was high on drugs, or if he was a  Cloverfied psychopath, or perhaps even a local gigolo.  ( I don’t even know how to spell that word  that resembles Jello Jiggler……….ha ha…….and had to look it up on!!!)  I was never so glad to leave what is normally a favorite parking lot, and to get to kick boxing where I feel strong and safe surrounded by my friends.
So yeah.  Propositioned by a 25 year old.  Crazy Weird!  This was completely unprovoked! Guess that’s the risk of non-discriminately smiling at strangers.  Yep.
6  On a better note…..we have been reading the New Testament as a family.  I am always sad when the writers of the 4 gospels tell about Jesus’ crucifixion and death.  We will be into the Book of John soon. Yay! so I will hear about His birth and life again.
Not much else.
I hope you have a wonderful week teaching about Jesus!
PS- I sent you a picture of Wyatt.
Love, Mom 🙂
PS- As far as email goes…..I’ll take lame over shame any day!

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