Dear Sister Vancouver: Hot & Trot the Tail of Summer

Dear Sister Robertson,

Hi Devon!

I love you. It is a beautiful day and I am grateful for many things… Including YOU! I hope you have felt God working in your heart and in the hearts of those you are teaching and serving this week. How are things going with the English instruction? You are a good, kind, patient teacher. I wish I could see and hear what you and your companion do in a typical day of work. Thank you for your email descriptions and stories.

The new school year is upon us in little over a week. I am feeling the usual burden of the preparatory work, but at the same time I feel kind of peaceful and excited for another new start. I love meeting the new children and learning what they love, discovering their gifts and exploring what motivates them toward learning! I love the smiles and energy which fill our little classroom when the children arrive each morning with bouncing backpacks and hopeful energy. Just to be present with this life force is such a blessing. “It is only with the heart that one can see.” I pray I have a heart to see what each child needs as I teach across the curriculum and to infinity and beyond. Ha ha.

The new carpet is wonderful. I have felt overcome by the sheer volume of “stuff” which I have accumulated these last ten years. Been throwing out and minimizing a bit. Much more is needed to be eliminated and pruned….ha ha which reminds me of a book called Mindset by Carol Dweck…also of the need to keep our thought processes in check and set to positive!

Today I heard a man speak about Joy vs happiness. He basically reminded that happiness is fleeting and often found in worldly or self centered sources. Caused me to ask myself some questions including “How much time and energy am I spending thinking on and chasing the temporary “feel good”? If JOY comes from Giving from a place of Love, then how can I be present in this Soul space? I would like to designate my default to Soulful and not to the preset Selfish in the Settings of my brain. Wish it were as simple as on my iPhone. Not that easy. How to remember? How to be mindful? How to be alert to everything and to everyone around me and choose toLove and to Lift rather than to judge and turn inward? Sometimes I succeed. Answer: Prayer and mindful practice while being honest, gentle and encouraging with myself. Love God. Love self. Love neighbor. Love. Ask: Is that kind? Who will it serve? Is it for the greater good of others?

Erin at Smith’s Starbucks says Hi. She treated me this morning when I made the drive over there. I went back later and tipped her and the other girl “Big Time.” Rachael (the other girl)lost her mom in a car accident up Mirror Lake Hwy about a year ago. She is raising her 10 yr old brother and saving for her own wedding. When she saw the tip she said “That’s TOO MUCH!” I just smiled and said “Happy Tip Day!” and then left them to serving the hoards of Art Fest people visiting Park City. It felt good to give. When I see those girls I think of you and hope there are adults in Vancouver who are taking the sisters into their arms and hearts. Joy. I think it’s these kinds of things we should talk more about and write more of. They are sometimes felt but too soon tucked away or forgotten.

Hey! Do youremember that little Canada puzzle you sent to me? Delanie put it together and we glued it to a piece of cardboard with rubber cement. It is going to look so tiny next to that big Italy map. Oh well. Size doesn’t matter….it’s how much Love someone or something contains. I Love YOU! maybe I will take down the Italy one. Or not. That might make Donavon sad.  Please pray for Don and Delanie.

Donavon and I went to Steve and Ellen’s reunion yesterday. They lots of food, a bounce house and a water hose. Say no more. Troy’s boys had a grand time! There was a mix up and Delanie didn’t come down to the party. The blue car is broken and in the shop. There was a miscommunication. Don was supposed to go home, but he didn’t. I went to cheer my friends as they ran a Spartan race at Nordic Valley.

One of the obstacles was to carry a giant concrete Boulder back and forth.  I started cheering, Go Prometheus!”  One spectator got my joke and gave me a look. Ha ha.  The 8 mile, 24 obstacle race took our team about 5 grueling hours.  I was so sun burned. I was so done but went to the reunion anyway. I probably should have done things differently. Dad was busy with the Fair. Don and I both felt so badly about leaving  Delanie high and dry cuz she really wanted to see Breckon. 😂 She ended up going to the Fair with dad and they saw the rodeo.

I saw my siblings and found out Brocston is engaged. The wedding is set for October 21st in the SL Temple. He and his girl are in Seattle right now but they look so full of joy in the pictures I saw. I’m happy for them. Good to see Rock and Troy and the boys. Rock recently returned from 6 months in Iraq. I just missed seeing Clint and  Suni, but Suni sent you some good pictures of the baby.

Have a wonderfully joyous week!

Love Mom 💖
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