Mother’s Yay!


I love hearing your testimony:) It was so good to see you too:) I can’t believe you are almost out of school! That is so crazy! Have you made any fun plans for the summer yet? Summer of 2017 we will come back to BC and tour my mission areas! You can meet all the awesome people I have met:)

So, to try and meet your request for “stories” aka experiences, I will tell you about S. She is Korean, and has a fourteen year old son. We met with her the other day, and she was late. She felt so bad that to apologize she bought us frozen yogurt! She is so sweet:)

We went tracting last night, and we were apprehensive to go because people get contentious sometimes when you knock on their door when it is a holiday. But we had such a tender mercy! This lady let us in for a minute to get warm (it was windy) then gave us bananas! It was so nice:)

Are there still missionaries in our stake? If so, you guys should feed them when possible because a lot of them don’t know how to cook, or how to make a nutritious meal for themselves. If you can locate some Sister missionaries, you should invite them over instead of the Elders;) nothing against Elders, but Sisters and just awesome! A little kindness goes a long way when a missionary is having a difficult day.

Your hair is getting so long! I can’t believe it:) Sister Madson and her mum haven’t cut their hair the whole time she has been gone. That would drive you crazy I know, it would be so long and getting in your way haha! I miss twirling it and stuff. And your super long hugs. I have days when I wish I could just be embraced in your super long hugs. I love you! Have a good week:)

Sincerely, Sister Robertson


On Sun, May 8, 2016 at 8:51 PM, Heidi Robertson wrote:
Dear Sister Robertson,

Hi Devon!

It was really great to see you today on the Skype screen. You are a wonderful missionary.

I’m glad you and Sister Madson are compatable and work so well together.

Thank you for the prayer, the maracca song, and the stripling warrior message. Faith and Obedience. Principles of the Gospel.

Thanks for sharing some things about the work and the area.

Thanks for being you…..tender and grateful. I love you and pray for you every day.

I love and respect you and the work of the Lord you are doing. I bet you are an incredible teacher!

I do miss you. I’m glad you are my daughter and I’m proud of you. Thank you for your love.


Mom 🙂

I have been listening to the audio book Witch of Blackbird Pond. I love it. It is reminding me of Puritan ways and how devisive and destructive holding cultural superstitions, and passing Judgement can be. Love is the greatest commandment. May Heavenly Father bless you in your efforts to teach of His Plan and His Son.


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