Palm Sunday/ Dedication

Handel's Messiah

Hi Mom:)
That is so sad and touching that Justin blessed Robert’s baby:'(I am so grateful to know that Families are eternal, and Chandace, Robert, and Phoenix will be together forever. I gave a talk in sacrament yesterday on temples, and it was a really good experience. I talked about that time that I got lost in temple square during Christmas when I was about five, and how you were crying with worry, meanwhile I wasn’t scared or worried, but wandered around looking at the lights and the outdoor nativity. I new from a young age that the temple was the house of the Lord. It was and still is a symbol of peace and safety to me, so I didn’t need to worry.

Have you seen the Easter Video yet? It is amazing! You can find it at Or It is called Hallelujah. I was promised ultra sounds from Suni, and I have yet to receive. Have her and Clint found out the gender yet? I need to know what I will be looking forward to playing with when I get home. Either way, they will be chubby and adorable:) I love babies! But I can’t hold them as a missionary. I have to admire from afar.
I love you! I hope you have a nice week. 🙂

Love, Sister Robertson


On Sun, Mar 20, 2016

Dear Sister Robertson,

Hi Devon!

What a beautiful sunny day!

I just want you to know I love you and I am pleased you are loving your experience serving on Victoria Island. It was a delight to see the photos and to read your last email. So fun. Waffles with ice cream, torrential down pours, lavendar nightgowns, X-Men Castles, and Wolverine poses with butter knifes. It doesn’t get much better than this……unless you count the overwhelming feeling of love when you heart swells in helping another person feel loved.

Today is Palm Sunday, and also the day of the Provo City Temple Dedication. For me I am remembering Jesus…and I am remembering you…and the dedication of you and so many who do the good work.

I visited Busdriver Harry today. He loves visitiors. He is increasingly sad these days. I was so worried for him last Sunday that I called his family. He was having so much pain from a headache. I wondered if it was caused by high blood pressure or by a blood sugar imbalance related to diabetes. Today he was much better, but he had had a bad nosebleed in the night that lasted several hours and was upset about it. I try to get to his house on Sunday with Cuties and Cheetos. His dog, Portia, loves the attention and Cheetos, too! 🙂

Your brother, Justin, was here for the weekend to attend some training with friends and to bless Robert and Chandace’s baby girl, Phoenix. Donavon was home as well.

I spent the afternoon with Suni today. We attended an amazing viewing of a movie called Blessings From Heaven. I thought of you and knew you would like it. It’s about a Christian family in Texas. The ten year old daughter comes down with a freak uncurable, intestinal disease. The family remains grounded in their faith through all the pain and heartbreak of illness. When it seems all hope is lost and the child may die, something miraculous happens. The child and her older sibling climb a giant cottonwood tree in their yard. A branch begins to break. The ill child falls thirty or so feet into the hollow, rotten center of the tree. By some miracle she does not die or sustain a head injury. She has a near death experience in which she is in the presence of God. She hears God’s voice tell her she will be alright. Due to the head injury, something happens and her intestinal condition heals. It is an amazing true story.

Tonight Suni and I attended a Messiah Sing In. IT was tremendoous! I wept several times. I love all the songs, but I am especially fond of the one that goes…”And He shall feed His flock like a shepherd.” Sundays, in general, are emotional and humbling for me.

I hope you have a great week and an amazing EASTER!!!
Must try to sleep.

Love always,

Mom 🙂

In HIS Hands

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