Email from My Maple Leaf Daughter: Butter Knives & The Ides of March

Wolver Devon

Butter knives?……and the Ides of March?  Hmmmmm.


This week has felt like an eternity for me. It is good to be writing to you all again:) Last Monday, after emailing you all, we went to Royal Roads University. Otherwise known as the X-Men castle! It is out of my area, but we went with the Sister training leaders, Sister D. and Sister K., so it was okay. We also took butter knives and pretended to be wolverine! I got to wear pants and my swacket! It was glorious:) We also saw a peacock in a tree. Sister B. tried to coaxed it down with her peacock call, but it wasn’t having it.

This week I also was able to have real poutine! One of the members has a dinner called La Belle Patate, which I think is French for ‘The Beautiful Potato’, and he gives free poutine and soda to the missionaries. It was very good! Also, they have this think called Spruce beer, which is like root beer, only with Spruce. It was gone, but Brother L. promised there would be some for me the next time we come.

Last week I dozed off during my nightly prayer, and had this dream in which Sister B.’s voice told me that we needed to knock on a blue house next to a park. I woke up and wrote that in my prayer journal, then went to bed. The next day was Saturday, our walking day,and I told Sister B. about my dream, so we walked by this park and the first blue house we saw we knocked on . This lady answered, but she was working there as a care aid, so she couldn’t talk to us. We gave her our number and went on are way. No one else in the blue houses were interested, so I felt kind of bad for suggesting it, since it had seemingly been for naught. Well, fast forward to yesterday, and we were contacting in Downtown in the torrential rain (we were soaked and didn’t have umbrellas haha) and she came up to us! Her name is Maria and she is from the Philippines. She remembered us, and we talked with her and invited her to hear our message, and now we have a return appointment with her on Tuesday! It was such a miracle! Our blue house knocking had not been for naught! I have a testimony of personal revelation! I felt like Nephi (2 Nephi 4:23), let me tell you:) We had a dinner appointment right after that with Sister W. She put our clothes in the drier and gave us lovely lavender gowns to have in the mean time, and she served waffles and ice cream for dinner. You need to try waffles and ice cream! It will probably change your life:)

I love my mission! Thank you all for your love and support. I hope you all have a great week:)
Sincerely, Sister Robertson

waffles and Icecream




Dear Sister Robertson,

Hi, Devon!

It’s March 13th, 2016. Beware the Ides of March. This will be Tuesday, March 15th….but it will soon be followed by lucky St. Patrick’s Day, and then EASTER!!! So the dye is NOT cast and I’m feeling LUCKY…if not good!!!

Just kidding. I am not superstitious in the least. I believe in making our own happy! I am thinking of this Ides of March stuff because Friday was Wax Museum and one of my students was Julius Caesar. This child was innitially heartbroken when I told him he couldn’t be Billy the Kid, or some other outlaw of the old west, because theft and murdering was not something we wanted to endorse. We teachers decided students should represent individuals who had clearly made positive contibutions to humanity. Being rich, popular, or a sports celebrity alone did not qualify them. So I felt compelled to shut down the child, and I did.

Hm. Then for poetic justice…..ha ha….something crazy happened: The child went to Bookmobile a day or so later, and the library assistant steered him toward and even worse prospect…Julius Caesar.  Billy the Kid pales in comparison to Julius Caesar. Right?!   J.C…..not J.C., mind you.  Julius Caesar, who brought about the military rise and whom I believe was responsible for the corruption of the Roman Empire, not to mention  the deaths of numerous Christians.  Needless to say…..while I was not pleased with the child’s choice, I could not easily dissuade him a second time. In the last ten years of teaching children, I have learned wisdom in picking my battles….and I was not going up against Julius Caesar in this one.  Also, because the librarian had turned him on to the idea,  I wasn’t comfortable going against the recommendation of my friend, the bookmobile guy.

So, I sold out and cheered the child on. In doing so, I allowed Little Caesar to borrow Donavon’s tiny toy souvenir model of the ancient stadium for a desk display ornament. Bah! I guess the good news is my student read a ton, and learned some new things, including how NOT to rule, and several behaviors NOT to emulate. Also, the child’s speech turned out pretty good, and I taught him about Vini, Vidi, Vici! Remember when Tess and Ariel and the gang printed swim team shirts with this logo? So, Friday night, at Wax Museum,  the child looked very nice in his toga costume and golden laureled crown, standing stately next to a lovely Cleopatra. 🙂

We are all well enough off.

Today I heard a sermon on Love from Ephessians that was so exellent. Next weekend is Easter and I am excited as I am considering  attending a huge Messiah sing in at the Eccles Center at PCHS. 🙂 It has been 20 years since I participated in anything like this.

Please tell me stories.

It’s late and I am continually sleep deprived. 😦

Have a wonderful week, Devon.

I love you. 🙂


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