Marching on…and Wanting to Fly

Dev Rob

(and to think it could happen on…..Robertson Street)

Hello All!

I am now in Victoria! It is very beautiful and warm here, which I appreciate. My new companion is Sister B., and we are quite similar. We both like toast and Lord of the Rings, so this transfer is off to a great start:) I have been trying to get the know the area and the members. I feel like I will get lost. I no longer have the mountains as a point of reference. Not that they helped me much before… Sister B. has been here 4 1/2 months though, so she will help me. I met one of the recent converts, K., and she is really cool! We have an investigator, D., with a baptismal date of March 26th, so we are helping her work towards that. She is very prepared! I quite like Victoria so far, and I am excited to see what else unfolds:)

Sister Robertson

(email to me)

Dear mom,
It is good to hear from you! I hope dinner and game night was good. It certainly sounds tasty and fun:) Yesterday we were fasting as a ward for a member named Brother F. who has cancer. He became suddenly paralyzed from it. It is really sad. I haven’t met him yet. We broke our fast by going to dinner at a member’s home; the Sherwood’s. The food was so good! Best way to break a fast:) In my future home I will have it be a family tradition to always break our fasts with breakfast. Breakfast foods are easy to make, so I wouldn’t have to work extra hard to prepare it so I can keep the Sabbath day Holy. I love Sundays because that is the day I don’t have to go running haha. Since it is a form of work. My new apartment has a gym though, so we get to go there every other day. We have to share with the Elders. Thank you for sharing that scripture with me:) You hadn’t told that story to me before. I read this cool article about the bible recently.

Which part of Victoria did you and dad come to on your honeymoon? If it is in my area I want to go there too, and take pictures of how it has changed. I am curious:) My area covers the bottom of the Island. It is beautiful here! There are so many daffodils. They are everywhere. I hope you have a good week:) I love you.

Sincerely, Sister Robertson


(email from me to Devon)

Dear Sister Robertson,

Hi Devon.

It’s a chilly Spring, Sunday afternoon.  I am the only one home. I love having quiet time to myself. I think this is partly why I love driving so much. Some people think me crazy for making the drive to kickboxing. True friends don’t judge harshly. True, also…. It is a distance….but it does not feel a sacrifice at all. The drive creates the space for thought and creativity. It helps me to decompress from the stresses of the day and to look forward to friends and a workout that yields endorphins. Yay!

Right now, I can hear the singing apple tree swaying in a crisp Jonathan apple breeze. Dad is gone to work. Sunday is the only day he can get into the ORs, as there are surgeries scheduled the other days. Don and Delanie are at church. I should be grading math tests. I chose YOU, instead!

This morning I did my usual drive to Kimball and hot soothing goodness. I drove up to the Olympic Sports Park, just before the Museum and jump pool and looked up at the big jumps. I wondered what it would be like to fly from there. I soaked in the beauty of the gathering storm clouds, and gazed down across the Snyderville Basin, Swanner Nature Preserve, I-80 and a slithering stream of Sunday believers. Semis, and distance travelers incessantly sliced up the valley. Here I sat above it all, listening to my favorite CD, The Power, by Rhonda Byrnne, in an attempt to raise my spirits to Heaven. This music at the end of the CD is something spectacular. From this high perch, I pondered, thinking on the purpose of Life, which is to give, to love, and to have joy. I also thought about an inspirational female athlete named Lindsey Van who has roots in Park City and trained for some time at this facility.

Okay…’s a little of HER herstory: As a young World Champion ski jumper, Lindsey Van became a poster child for women’s ski jumping as a desired Olympic Sport. As you can imagine, the quest for gender equality in this sport was very emotionally charged. While at the Kimball Branch Library, I ran across a documentary of her young athletic life and I shared this with my students this week. We are approaching the Wax Museum performances and it felt a good fit. At some point during the school year I like to teach about gender bias, and misogyny as I reinforce the importance of living the Golden Rule.

Apparently “The Golden Rule” was something the IOC didn’t find important back then. Of course, things did change as the World heard more and more about the story and as litigation forced the issue into view. Eventually, Women’s Ski Jumping was introduced. This was just in time for the 2014 Olympics in Russia….but not before Van put her career and training on hold to donate bone marrow and stem cells to save a man’s life. This was such a generous gift….the gift of life.

Today, I also pondered my Savior and the life He gave in living and in dying for us. I pondered His love, and the love of our Father in Heaven. I pondered the sentiment that there is Heaven in each of us as our Souls were made by Him and are light and love. I forget this too often as I am consumed by myself. I am reminded on Sunday and most days of the importance of choosing to be happy and to let my light shine. Sometimes it is easier to give into sadness or the emotion of the moment, instead of having faith in God and in my divine nature and possibility. However, there is always HOPE. I am grateful for God’s love and Grace. Easter is coming! I am glad for this and for warming weather and longer, sun-filled days.

How are things with you?! I saw Molly. Her husband had surgery and she was gone from the store for about a week. She and Erin say, “HI!” Jordan is on a trip to New Zealand! Hmmmm…..what else? Holden J. received his mission call to MILAN, ITALY!!!! So happy for him!

School is fine. The kids are wonderful and full of love. I wish I felt happier about my future in teaching, though. I’m not sure I will be happy doing this next year, but I guess I still feel it is “my mission” until God tells me otherwise. Dunno. I have thought of some other possibilities, but those would shake my safe, secure world and that seems scary. I used to feel I knew what I should do. I don’t know anymore. I do know I will keep praying. I do believe in the Power of prayer and I in this I am faithful.

What kind of stories do you have for me, Devon?

Last night, Donavon had Jason’s Harley out and was riding it up and down the road. He also had the old, green Kawasaki running. He wants to take it to the west desert with some of his buddies for Joe S.’s stag party weekend get away. Tonight he, (and we) have been invited over to Joyce’s by Kyler and Wendy for a game night and lasagne dinner. Donavon will love making Italian food there.

Delanie is finally driving with G. She should have her driver’s license soon. This will be so nice for her not to have to rely on us, and it will open up her social life as well. She is spending more time with the swimmers. They are great friends for her.

Here’s a scripture and personal story I will close with:

Matthew 6:33

First of all…..Verse 33 holds a special meaning for me. It is one of my favorite verses in the Bible. I don’t know if I shared this with you or not.

Let’s just say….I grew up in an economically disadvantaged family. We were poor. There were a lot of things I wanted that I did not get. This was all I knew. My parents spoke negatively about money and most things. Grandpa Dean was a graphic illustrator and an artist/painter by hobby. He was short on patience most days and was often verbally abusive to my mother and to us. Sometimes it got physical. When I was small, I asked him to draw things for me. He wouldn’t. Over time I felt unloved until I believed he thought I wasn’t worth his time or teaching. I eventually quit asking him for things and instead I despised him.

It was my Senior year and nearing graduation. I would be the Valedictorian and deliver a speech at commencement. Prior to this was Josten’s campaign to sell graduation rings, announcements, and anything else possible to the Seniors. The majority of the students ordered these. Not me. My father refused to help me and said it was too much money. So it was decided I would make my own graduation announcement. Grandpa Dean drew a cover illustration of two or three graduates in caps and gowns. It looked very distinguished.

I decided to include the scripture, Matt. 6:33. It had always been dear to me. This was the only time I remember my father drawing or helping me with anything school or otherwise art. So, when I hear this scripture reference, I am reminded of my father, of my graduation, and of one of the few times he was willing to help me. More importantly, however, I am reminded that where we fall short, God does and will provide. Things happen for a reason. We just don’t always understand what these reasons are or exactly why He would have them for us. It’s a faith thing, for sure.

Not much else. I hope you are having a wonderful week. I love you. Please let me know how I can help, if there is anything I can do, or anything that you would like.

Look forward to tomorrow’s email!

Love, Mom 🙂

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