#Missionary Monday!!: Guess Who Got Transferred? :)

HashtagSister Rob

Here is my new nametag. Only…….it might say this:


Maybe I should have a black #HashtagNametag.  Then I would feel official.

I am getting into the hashtag thing….because I can. Not because I know what I am doing.  Mostly it is another way to be ….. CrReAtIvEly Divergent.

The National/Local Kickboxing Establishment uses #hashtags to advertise. It is an attention getting strategy. Hm.  Kickboxing Members check-in each time they go to a kickboxing class using the weekly hashtag in exchange for a free water.  Wow! People do all kinds of things in the name of  “free” dumb.  Me included, apparently.

So here’s my favorite shock factor phrases so far…..

franchise #hashtag=        #YearnForTheBurn                       #ChangeEveryDay

my fractured version=   #JustDon’tBurnAtTheUrinal        #WhiteyTidyDon’tWait4Friday


Boom!  Go these very brief statements…until you cross the line to a Tic Tac Stubbed Toe. Ouch!  I haven’t been kicked out of kickboxing yet.  In fact, I think the owner kinda likes them.

Anyway…. Here’s the usual weekly packet.


(From my girl)

Any guesses? Alright, I’ll tell you. It was me! I will be going to the Victoria 1st Ward! To the Island! I am really excited about it:) I have loved Richmond, but I feel really good about Victoria. I am looking forward to discovering What the Lord wants me to do there:) This week I taught Turkish Man! We gave him a Turkish Book of Mormon and he said he would read it! So that is very exciting! He will be turned over to the Elders so hopefully he will be baptized soon:) We tried to have a lesson with M., but our interpreter couldn’t make it. She will be taken care of by the new Sisters though. Sorry, it’s a short one this week. I’ll have tons to say next week. I know the gospel is true! I love my mission:)

Sister Robertson


(From me, the Mom)

On Sun, Feb 28, 2016 at 10:28 PM, Heidi Robertson wrote:
Dear Sister Robertson,

Hi, Devon.

I’m not really getting used to addressing you in this way. Oh, well.

Hey, I ‘m gonna keep this super short this time. Let’s see….. PTC meetings went well. I was able to celebrate with half a dozen parents the progress of their children, as well as help them set some goals and line up additional services. We had a three day weekend. Trying to remember what I did. Kickboxed two of the three days.

Friday night I took Delanie to the Park City Film Series showing of Oscar Award Nominees in the Short Movie category. They averaged about twenty minutes in length. These were sooooo sad. International films with superscript/ subtitles. Very compelling and mostly historically based in war: War in Kosovo, War in Afganistan, Domestic disagreement and custody battles; Internal Wars (stuttering). These were heart wrenching. There was a darling Disney one, however, about a boy and his father observing Hindu prayer.

It was fun spending time with Delanie.

Yesterday Donavon came home with what may have been a broken shoulder blade. He and Delanie and I went to PCMC, to the Emergency Room. Turns out he is fortunate. No bones broken that anyone could see. Phew! Don is in a considerable amount of pain. He went back to UVU tonight.

Tonight Suni and I went to another PCFC movie called “Straight Out of Compton.” It was about the rise of Gangster Rap and was very graphic.

I am so tired.

I love you.

I listened to someone who was talking about being an enemy to God. Seems that the one’s we may consider enemies, may only be so in namesake because we blame them. Really the enemy is mostly our own insecure selves. Jesus suggests the higher law of Love in addressing difficult individulals. Love. I was wondering if anyone views me as their enemy. Not my intention in the least to be anyones enemy.

Have a great week, Devon!

Love, Mom 🙂

Gotta sleep.


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