Dear Sister: All things CANADA, Prime Time, Crime and Sundance


Dear Sister Vancouver,

Hi, Devon. Wow! What a wonderful surprise to come home with sore feet, totally exhausted from the Highland Invitational Swim Meet to find a BIG package from you of CANADIAN stuff! Thank you for thinking of us and sending your LOVE and so many thoughtful souvenirs. I love the letter and pictures most.

I love the Wonder Woman earrings and red maple leaf socks. I may wear these to school tomorrow. Maybe. Dad has been wearing the ball cap tonight while being the OOD and watching AFC playoff games. Don hasn’t seen the mustache t-shirt yet. Ha ha! What a hoot….but I told him about it. He was at the swim meet. He met a girl there about his age who also swam in high school and attends UVU and his Institute Classes. Small world. I understand he shaved the mustache last night. Not sure WHYYYYY! Ha ha. I know why. Delanie has been wearing the Olaf snowman footed pajamas all day and sleeping off and on. Mostly sleeping. She woke long enough to read grades for me tonight. Nice, girl! Then we watched Singing In the Rain and salivated over Gene Kelly and his amazing smile and dancing. Yes.

Thank you so much, Devon. I love you. I think I will take the Canada puzzle to school and put it together with the kids…..then maybe hodge podge it and hang it up at home where I can push-pin the locations you transfer to each time. 🙂

We are well enough. Region Swim is Thursday, Jan. 28th at Kamas. The teams should do well. State is at BYU on Feb. 11th. Everyone is getting tired these days with swim and the musical West Side Story.

Friday is a sledding day for the 4th grade to celebrate reading achievement. I am so excited to play in the snow with my students. It’s crazy that you can’t wear pants in public and that ice skating is forbidden in your mission. Maybe this is to prevent injury. Not injury from pants wearing…..injury from ICE SKATING, of course.

This reminds me of this mornings coffee drive.  I was listening to NPR, maybe Morning Edition or something,  and heard about an artist in Canada who creates outdoor exhibit pieces by soaking blue jeans in water and then shaping them into frozen shapes.  True story.  Of course nobody is wearing these pants.  Sounds like the artist runs the risk of getting frost bite though.  Tricky business…..Pants.  What if the aritist were to animate these articles of clothing.  Turn them into skating pants.  Now that would be something to rival Frostie’s magic hat!!!

Did I ever tell you that Grandma T’s mom, Grandma Helen Jensen was a very accomplished skater in college at Utah State? Yes. She met Grandpa there. He was a track and football star there. They married. Grandpa worked at Kennecot Copper over 30 years. They raised a family in Magna, Utah. I loved staying in their home. They had a way of making me feel so loved…except when loading the dish washer. Grandma was so OCD about loading the dishwasher. Weird.

Hey if you are still interested in the skirted snowsuit, just let me know. I will send one. I mean it!

Wow. Park City is crazy full. Sundance is in town and Main Street is packed…..from what I can see on KSL News. I don’t go farther than Kimball, but I know a barista friend who works at the Starbucks on Park Avenue, near Rite Aid and Fresh Market. His store has been slammed. Apparently people have been commiting a variety of crimes since the film festival has come, including flying into town in unsanctioned helicopters, parking UBER huge camels on Main Street, and robbing Sunglass Hut. The Tanger Outlet store was burgled for a loss of $500,000. YES!

I bought a Park Record today and it was the thickest one of the year….even bigger than the Christmas/Black Friday edition. No kidding!!! I have been reading an insert booklet which describes the films in the festival, and if it weren’t for the crowds, I would probably try to attend. I love to watch films that are thought provoking. I love to discuss them or write about them even more!

How is the teaching? Did the evicted lady find a home? I have been praying for you and so many people.

Today I started a list of people who need prayers and who I pray for…many are children. I was going to submit this list to the prayer roll. Then I didn’t. I kept the list so I could just pray for them. Got me thinking. Why should anyone have or ask for preferential treatment? Doesn’t God love all his children equally? For some reason…It just seemed weird to put anyone before anyone else in prayers….but I have done this my whole life. Hm. What if someone was praying for me? That’s a nice thought.

Here is a request: Please just write to me as yourself…’s really okay to tell me things as you would before going on the mission. Really. You don’t have to keep up an image with me, Devon. I kind of miss the old you anyway….even the times you told me things I didn’t want to hear. I like honesty…mostly. 🙂

Guess it’s time to go to bed.

May this week be the best ever! I love you. Write your story with some adventure in it and live every day with your whole heart, then you are bound to find happiness. This is something I have been thinking about a lot…the importance of taking risks….ever since I read this book called The Tenth Kingdom. Oh! Also….Have courage and be kind! Cinderella stuff. (Maybe it’s Love that makes the magic possible.) You always do (have courage)….and you ARE- kind. Thanks, Devon.

Love you forever….

(PS- I really love your coloring page and the stickers you put all over the bubble wrap envelope!!! That must have been fun. Love you Very much)

Be excellent!

Mom 🙂

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