Mirror, Mirror

time traveling mirrors

So many every day things are so last year, last decade,  last century.  Behind. (Me included. ) In the ripple of a New Year, let’s leave yesterday and  2015 behind for a moment.  Enough introspection.  Enough examining  flawed selves in flawed mirrors. Enough time spent judging morality, and sizing up.  In this moment I’m thinking on new technology, or at least the possibility of it.  This will be the future for my 4th graders.

Over the Christmas Break I enjoyed viewing online, the fantastic fractured fairytale, (2000) mini series,  The Tenth Kingdom. I loved it.  It left me wishing and feeling I were there.  Left me wishing traveling mirrors existed. I would love to try these out.  I would love to feel the speed and ease of quantum travel, …woozy wicked fast!!…. until some TROLL BUREAUCRAT or POLITICIAN ruined it.   SUCK AN ELF! (I want this t-shirt, but would not be allowed to wear it to school. ;P )

Yesterday I learned (from an expert CHILD) that Spying Mirrors already exist in the form of RC drones and all things surveilance. One of my nine-year-olds presented his “How to…” book report on drone and RC hobbies and technology. Facinating. Also intreaguing to me is something I read about just the other day in the Park Record.:  Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, which I like to imagine as a human size Bullet, or high speed, traveling blender bottles, like those used at my bank’s drive through.  Sadly, I think I missed the dialogue last night.  There was something in Park City last night at the Eccles.  Yep.  Missed it.

Someday the Hyper Loop and traveling mirrors will exist.  However, with the influx of these, our economy will likely crash. In time they will put the airlines, buslines, and trains, and all things fossil fuel out of business…..destroying the auto industry and the love affair with the automobile.  Sorry, Pearl.

A hoverboard would be fun to try out at school for all those trips to the office copy machine…. but Traveling Mirrors, that’s what I really want and what will be most lucrative.  Imagine me with my very own “Travel-size Mirror” I could make a straight shot for the Utah/Idaho border, where I would buy that winning Powerball ticket.  I might land in the middle of the action in some greasy truckstop, ducking and bobbing arrival into a bathroom sink.  Here with a minimum wage employee staring me in the face, while packing Brawny and a fast action Windex bottle. Phew! Shot to the face!

No worries.  With part of the LOTTO winnings money I would  design my own line of hand mirrors. This is likely the answer to the hand gun problem in this country! If someone pulled a weapon on me, I could draw my hand mirror and make a quick get away. I’m just not sure what the payload would be on a mirror so small. So many possibilties. The future is exciting and waiting for us to create it!

“Logic will get you from point A to point B.  Imagination will get you everywhere!”

Albert Einstein

PS-Why am I thinking of  The Candy Shop War?  (Probably because it is a familiar read aloud…..and there is some scarey mirror shiz that goes down in that story.)

PSS- Maybe after we are done learning hydraulics and making robotic arms at school, the children could explore Hyper Loops and Traveling Mirrors….At least 3D Printers! Dude!


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