No Oldy Moldies for my Golden Maple Leaf Missionary Daughter


Dear Sister Robertson,

I thought I’d better start addressing you in this way. Mission Rules for Moms..LOL. Jk.  Sounds like the title of a book I should write….or maybe NOT write! I don’t like rules. Prefer the term: “gentle promptings.”

I hope the week has gone well for you and your learning companions.

I hope you received the package I sent in the red Starbucks box containing cookies and the Dr. Scholes inserts.  Wow!  I wonder what those cookies tasted like.  I am reminded now of a package I once sent to a boy I had a crush on.  He was on a mission in Harrisburg, PA.  I was 16 years old.  This was at a time when I thought it was a good idea to send my friend a loaf of banana bread.  I found out later that it was not such a good idea as by the time the package reached him, the baked good was thoroughly MOLDY!!! Yes.  MOLDY!!!!  I’m pretty sure he took lone look and TOSSED IT.  At least I hope he did. I hope he didn’t taste it!  Wow.  I wonder if the Mint Milanos were sandwiched between the Dr. Scholes shoe inserts…..and if those cookies took on the taste of toe jam. These were chocolate filled cookies, not jelly filled. Anyway. Maybe my mistake was not ALL THAT BAD. Maybe I have helped you to break that COOKIE ADDICTION you have been struggling with.  LOL! I love you Devon. 🙂

Seriously, What I am really wondering is if you received the watches from Amazon. And all the positive energy, thoughts, and prayers I have been sending your way!!!! By the way…I gave Erin your email address again. It was in her green Starbucks apron when she washed it.  🙂  I’m glad she wants to stay in touch.

I have a request. While I love you sending me lists of things for me to send to you, I would prefer to hear MTC stories. What life lessons have you learned? What else could you possibly need?

Okay. Here goes with the 20 Questions: What are the best things about the MTC? How have you changed in the last two weeks? Do you feel any closer to God since you moved into the training center? I called this place the “Big House” in jest to Erin today at Smiths. She thought this was funny/strange. ha ha.. She asked me how I was doing…if I was doing better. I didn’t know I was doing badly, so I don’t know what she meant. I know you are where you want to be, doing what you want to do, and doing what you feel the Lord would have you do. Do you feel any different than your pre-mission self, aka Devon-ista? Are you more “spiritual?” How would you describe the feeling? What other life experience to this point would come close to what you are feeling while you are in the MTC? I don’t mean physical exhaustion by this, either. If it were exhaustion, then I would imagine the end of the TREK, or the 100 breast, or a leg of the 400 relay, or the 500 free, or the end of emptying 5 pallettes with Molly. Ha!

It’s Saturday night. I am so tired from run, run, run…go, go, go. I am lieing on my expensive blow up toy massaging bed…ha ha…..writing this email, and thinking….I MISS DEVON BEATING ON THE DOWNSTAIRS BEDROOM WALL FOR ME TO SHUT OFF THE MASSAGE FEATURE!!!!…Not really. I am imaging this instead: “If I stay here much longer, will I still be able to even move after kickboxing this morning. and will I be able to walk if I were to get up and do laundry?” um…..maybe NOT! Maybe, yes.

The swim team left school about noon yesterday to go to the Uintah Invitational in Vernal. This was a first for me, as last year I was laid up convalesing in the Lazy Girl recliner after my surgery.

Wow! What a beautiful facility and class act, well run meet! What a GREAT meet in terms of performance! Nearly every swimmer swam faster times here, and E.S. broke his own 2A State record time set last year for the 100 Breast!!!! We filled out the paperwork and the new record should hold as official going into Region and State in the New Year! I am so excited for E.S, as he is only a Junior and will just keep getting better and better!!!! He is an inspiration and testament to positivity and hard work.

Uintah’s Boys and Girls teams both took first place in the meet, but our swimmers claimed both 2nd place spots, blowing away Emory, Grand, Ogden, and Wasatch Academy. It was an amazing meet! Also, Delanie improved on her I.M time by several seconds. Her strength is the backstroke, with the free and fly also looking good. Her weakness is the breast stroke. Gotta fix this. All the swimmers have improved so much over the last two months of conditioning. The fun part of the season is underway….and it will just keep getting better as we approach Region and State competition.

Okay. Enough about swimming…..except for….oh, yeah….JILL says “HI!” She drove us to Vernal. So much fun being with her….and Ellie is a HOOT! I still have that pie pan…oops.

Did I mention Jason was injured while paragliding during his Utah visit? He had shoulder surgery at NYU hospital yesterday. Not sure how that went. Somehow his chute, or whatever it’s called, caught a gust of wind and he was thrown back and dragged. Pretty painful.

We are well enough off. School is going well. Delanie is keeping up and will be eligible to take her Driver’s License test any day. She is probably SICK OF RIDING THE BUS in the morning. This has been a good motivator for her. 🙂

I love the holiday season. Yesterday, the 3rd grade made gingerbread houses. I left before this went down, so I will see the houses and even more wonderfully SMELL THEM on Monday, or maybe tomorrow if I go to school to prep.

It feels good to insert more singing, and projects, and stories, and cheer into the academic menu. It feels good to lift and cheer others. In my class we are doing a “Warm Fuzzy” campaign for a student in Mrs. Steven’s class who recently had a tumor removed from her neck. Her cousin is in my class and sometimes gives us updates. She will love the happy, loving messages we send to her. They’re so FUZZY!!!

I bought the supplies to do the sugar cone/pasta shell “Christmas Trees” as a parent gift from students. The construction of these is a sticky, fun, social sceene. Most kids like it, and the trees make for a pretty, glittery center piece for a holiday display or table runner. Yesterday I read the story Christmas Oranges to my students and my substitute showed the dvd and kids ate the Cutie tangerines I left for a snack. The message of the book is powerful. It is good to be reminded that children (all of us) are capable of much kindness and love. We follow the Golden Rule at school. I don’t think I was wrong to show this movie….considering the motive. This group of children are very kind. They teach me so much.

Well, I should go do my laundry and eat something. I forget to eat. I don’t feel hungry most of the time. I don’t realize what my body needs until I get the headache or start feeling lousy…..then I remember I must eat. Strange, huh? I hope that your physical needs are being met at the MTC. Sorry to hear about the loss of your shampoo and conditioner. Guess you helped someone in need. 🙂 Reminds me a bit of the lockerroom at the pool. Bah!

I love you, Devon. I pray for you every day. May this final week at the training center be the best one yet. Please notify us when you arrive in Vancouver and at the mission home there. I can’t wait to skype with you at Christmas!!!! Hooray!!!!


Love, Mom 🙂


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