My Kid is NOT Gifted

This is a great piece. One of many greats produced by this blogger. Thank you.

Atlas Educational

Some kids are brilliant.They get As, play musical instruments, and excel on the soccer field. Then there are the others. I love my daughter, but she’s definitely not gifted.

She gets some As in school, but also some Bs and Cs. She says she’s bored in school, but I think it’s more like lazy. Everything she works on she has to do “the hard way”. She always waits til the last minute, but manages to come out with a pretty good grade somehow. (I think they just grade too easily these days.)

My daughter wanted to play the flute. I think she thought it would be easy, but when she found out she had to practice so much, she gave it up.  She said she got tired of songs like “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.

She doesn’t like organized sports. That’s a real disappointment since most kids love teams like…

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