Before you quit teaching there are some things you should know


Lisa Swaboda is Atlas Educational

It’s that time of year. It’s the end….pack up the books, throw away the broken pencils and throw your cares into the sunshine and the pool. Crossing the finish line for teachers is achieving that goal of the joy of learning for another year, or in the case of current teachers- surviving.

But, what if it was your last year? Has it crossed your mind once, twice, or maybe 100 times this year? Are you really considering leaving teaching? What would happen to your students if you did?

There’s a lot to consider. Read on, oh exhausted one.

It isn’t you. 

You know deep down you’re doing all you can to resurrect some semblance of teaching and learning in your classroom. Maybe the only time you felt worthy was AFTER testing was over, but you fit it in and the glorious looks of real learning returned to all of…

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