Email to My Italian Son: LAST EMAIL!!!!????

a missionary tourist

Dear Mom!
I love you so much!!!!
I am so excited to see you again!!
I will let you know as soon as I get any information for my return.
This may be my last email before I am back.
I love you mom:)
Have an amazing week!
-Love Donavon

Breaking the Ice & Warmer Times ICEE SLURPEE RESERVOIR

On Mon, Feb 23, 2015 at 1:39 AM, Heidi Robertson <> wrote:
Dear Anziano Robertson,

Hi, Donavon!

You are probably busy. I am wondering if you have an itinerary for us? Wednesday, March 4th is the date we received a few months ago from the Rome Mission Office? Any way…….I have taken that day off, and dad and the girls will do likewise. I have invited your brothers as well. I think Justin is a sure thing. Jason…..dunno.

Devon has been working on mission papers and writing an email to you, convincing you to attend UVU when you get home. This is the University she will pursue beyond high school….after the mission.

I have concluded there are FEW who have made the grinding American public education MACHINE feel less painful.  Never-the-less, I love my school.  The children and staff are wonderful.  They make it all worth it! Today I was being so silly….asking many teachers who were coming and going to and from lunch… if they will be “coming back” next school year.  Answers and facial expressions were….so interesting.  I simply expained, “Well if you are coming back, then I have no reason not to!” and laughed and grinned.  The other 4th grade teachers thought this was so funny!  It was pretty fun.  Hadn’t had a good laugh here at school…..for so long, really. So….I must turn in a letter of intent very soon, and a day or two, too late…..ha ha….but, the only return I am thinking of these days is… YOURS!

I have been doing online teacher recertification and figuring out how many college credits and professional development cactus points I have toward the magic number of 200 needed relicensure points. Strange to think on “cactus points.”  This sounds sooooo prickly.  What if……the online relicensure was……more of a gamer application process…..USOE would not be able to handle all the traffic on its site!!!  Crazy, huh?

I have concluded…..many of our Utah Legislators are out of touch, and the State Office of Education is in continual upheaval, and recycle mode, and SOOO far removed from the day to day realities of teaching. Why you want to be a teacher is a mystery to me, Donavon!!! Oh, yes. It is wonderful and has many invaluable rewards that CAN NOT BE MEASURED BY HIGH STAKES TESTING!!! That’s probably WHY. Or maybe teaching is what you have come to love as a MISSIONARY. This is a different application all together….mostly……or is it?

Wow. I will now calm down and drive to school on a Sunday night to work on Parent Teacher Files between sniffles of one bad cold and painful sore throat. After the files are ready, I begin rehearsing in my mind the kinds of conversations I will have with parents. How to celebrate student growth, AND motivate change toward making weak things…..STRONGER? This is the calling of teacher… teach correct principles, and to inspire. To change thinking to that of WHAT IS POSSIBLE……and then to guide action forward toward such. WOW… phillosophical!!! ha ha.

Yes.  I will laugh and smile….because……this is really what life is for……It’s for living and LOVING!! I love you. Don’t get me wrong…….I am glad for many things. 🙂 And I am smiling thinking of these many things, including YOU coming home, and a Loving Father in Heaven who is FOR ME, and a Loving Savior in Jesus Christ…who is FOR ME, and 4th grade children who mostly love me, and a few friends who know my heart intentions, and a wonderful family, and a warm, safe home, and a quiet, beautiful mountain valley surrounding me….and a welcoming, happy dog and cat. So much to give THANKS for, including a future full of HOPE and Giving…….

and YOU!


Breaking the Ice & Warmer Times

PS- Here are a few pictures of Rockport. At Rockport- The ice is melting. Warmer water beneath is stirring. Reminds me a bit of the movie FROZEN. Also of hearts changing.  Like some souls who have been humbled to broken hearted and contrite. This is what happens when you Come to Christ and lay your sin and burdens at His feet. This is when you become still and quiet; open to Grace and humble yourself.  His Love is a warm embrace.

It is BETTER to go running, or sometimes crawling to the arms of Jesus by your own free will and choice from a place of love, than to have to be compelled by trials and sorrows. Just saying. I have experienced both…..again and again. Sigh.

I Love you.




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