Hearts & Hugs for my Italian Son, the Sicilian One

This is likely one of the most beautiful email I have received from my Italian son in our separation. A “Flowers and Chocolates” feeling, no doubt, only bettered by kick boxing endorphines.  I have from time to time experienced a sense of inflated vision when my heart and mind have played tricks on me. Felt real.  He paints me better than I am.  It feels good though. This must be what Mother’s Day was made for….

****************  February 9, 2015

Dear Mom,

I stinking love you sooooo much!!!!!!!
I am so excited to be back with you and the family again!!!!!
It looks so beautiful up in the mountains.
This week it snowed again here in Palermo a little, but none stuck to the ground.
Thursday will be my very last zone conference in the mission. It feels so crazy!
We have been working a lot this week on getting everything organized for that.  It has been a little stressful, as it normally is.

The mission is a 2 year stress test! Looks like a few of my hardest questions have come right at the end.
I love it though, I am really grateful for what the mission is helping me to become. I just hope that the rest of my life is a little bit less stressful, or at least that I am better prepared for it.
I thank you so much for everything you do for me mom!! Thank you for teaching me how to interact with people and how to do the honorable things and give good impressions. I remember your example almost every day in this work:)
I miss you really bad!!
I wish you and the girls and the team good luck this week at state swimming!! Let me know how they do!!!
I love you mom:)
Avatar Tree

the Avatar tree…

Aspen Grove Trail Toilet

Aspen Grove Trail “Head”


Dear Anziano Robertson,

Hi, Donavon!

Wow…..Not counting this one, there will be only three more email Sundays. Unbelievable! I know you have little time to read. Face it, there is nothing short about my writing! BUT, before long, we will be writing missionary letters to Devon and not to you. She is working in that direction and hoping for a European call.

We are well. State Swim is Thursday at BYU! Our boys have a really good chance of a title this year. Girls may take second or third. Fawcett and the swimmers have worked really hard. I missed a lot when I was out recovering. Good to be back. We need EVERYONE TO DO WELL in every race! I would like to see the team pull together and show their best selves. Devon will swim the 100 breast and perhaps Medley or 200 relay, and Delanie the 100 Back and maybe 400 relay.

I am listening to Pandora Contemporary Christian Radio. I love it!

I heard a fine sermon today on Proverbs 22:1 and 25:11. “A Good Name” is more precious than silver and gold. I have adopted the attitude of “I don’t care what others think about me. I must be honest and true to myself, while attempting to love and to not harm others. It is a big goal. Secretly, I do care what a few people think. Still, the only eyes that really matter and who I want to be found precious in are God’s and Jesus’s. They know my heart, and love me in spite of my failings. Even so, it is difficult to live an exemplary life…to be in the world and not of it. I have insatiable appetites at times. Sigh. We are all sinners.

I try not to be judgemental because….I know what if feels like to be judged. I distance myself from “the talk.” Stay away. Gossip is harmful….to the one being talked about, but also more of a poison to the those doing the talking. Cankerous. Does damage to one’s soul….the negativity. I want no part of it. It is easy to pick up on body language of those gossiping. Easy to recognize signs of, and predictable settings. Pretty simple to intentionally detour. Abstinance is the operative word and should be exercised in so many things. In a country of abundance, I have learned that more is not more. It is greed. Less is sometimes more. 🙂 Less food, less technology, less SELF. Needful is more mercy, more compassion, more gentleness, more prayer, more pondering, more silence, more still, more Nature, more reading uplifiting books. Wish I could sleep better. I need more rest……especially rest in Jesus. Increased balance is desirable, but difficult to achieve. More change is required. Each of us is a work in progress. 🙂

I look forward to spending time with you, and listening to what you have to say in the sharing of stories and beautiful lessons.

Have a great week, Anziano! Hugs from Mom on Valentines Week!

Mom 🙂

PS- The pictures are of Delanie in my car at the Apen Grove Parking Lot; the latrine there & how much snow is present (a foot or two) on the trail. We hiked up to Timp’s “First Falls” Saturday afternoon. It was sketchy without poles. I LOVE HIKING!!!! It was ICY/Slushy on the steep, packed, narrow, single track trail. We fell through half a dozen times and laughed and laughed! A small stream of run-off at the falls. Delanie took most of the good pictures and I don’t have them from her Iphone yet. Finally, the “Avatar Tree.” I was down by the river this afternoon reading a book by C.S. Lewis called The Four Loves: An Exploration of the Nature of Love. I love his writings. They require a lot of focus and thinking though. Can only handle 10-12 pages at a time. Exhausting. What a beautiful SUNNY day!


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