Email to My Italian Son…..the SUPER One on Super Bowl Sunday


Anziano Robertson Street Contacting in the Plaza

MUDDY RUN Receeding Ice at Rockport

Muddy Run to………….. Ice Retraction on Rockport

Proof's in the footingC

Crunchy, ooey, gooey, cool tierra!

SUPER EMAIL TO MY SUPER SON ON SUPER BOWL SUNDAY, FEBRUARY ONE (Somewhere a groundhog is anxiously waiting to see her shadow. 😛 )

Dear Anziano Robertson,

Hello, Donavon! I hope this email finds you well, happy, and strong in the faith. May your final few weeks in Palermo be the best ever!

Today was Stake Conference. Dad and the girls attended. I took a drive through the mountains, and then later ran up to the dam with Boozer. Cold, MUDDY! What a beautiful day, and final weekend of Sundance Film Festival. Park City has been so packed these last few weeks. Smith’s was crazy last night when I was there. I saw Mr. Smith in the parking lot with his wife and small ones. He looked “tremendous!” ha ha… I saw an older woman talking to herself, complaining about the “out-of-towners” to anyone who she passed, or who would listen. A couple of visitors, chided and laughed, at her delusional behavior. I think she is lonely. The human family is fast to dose poison to one another. I read a quote on an inspirational blog that said, ” The words we speak build the home we live in.” My mouth and home is continually under CONSTRUCTION!

As for Conference…. Delanie said T. B-field, the kid you used to pole vault with, shared a really nice testimony of Christ, repentance, etc. Delanie kind of of likes that kid.

It’s Sunday night. I can hear Super Bowl noise in the front room, but I am not watching. Instead I choose YOU, and I will do some reading, and pondering on the week to come.

Today I heard a sermon on the topic of wisdom. There is wisdom as defined by the world, and then there is Godly wisdom. Several scriptures were explored. James 3:14-16; James 1:5; and several lovely ones from Proverbs. I especially like Proverbs 25:11 ….wisdom is compared to golden apples in a silver bowl. I had a visual of a piece of still-life art, stamped and etched in copper, silver, gold, and framed in leather. Something Jason would hang in his NYC, Manhatten gourmet kitchen of his unique designing. Fully textured, with a luster only God’s wisdom could offer. Okay….imagination…ha ha. Stories of the wise judge Solomon were spotlighted. How does one become wise to things of lasting, Heavenly value? 1. Ask God for help (pray always), 2. Listen with a heart tuned to whisperings of the Spirit, 3. Desire & Seek (Feast on the Word of God), 4. Be mindful and grateful. Feel the love of God in your life. Love others. Don’t be stupid. Perservere.

As part of the sermon, a brief video was shown of several NFL players professing the name of Jesus within the context of everything football….this juxtipositioned to a background of NFL and ESPN interviews. Even so, it was very moving in heart ways to hear in this “light,” celebrity NFL witnesses, players, coaches, commentators. I thought……what if these very video clips were shared in the place of anticipated “legendary” Superbowl advertisements. What if? A Millenial thought. 🙂

As I rode back to my car on the small shuttle, I listened to bits of conversations: talk of family afternoon plans, Superbowl projections, predictable things. Sad how fast the human family atunes to the world and dismisses the Savior and the Sabath. I am not exempt, but try to hold onto that “Sunday” feeling as long as possible…I go to the hills and Nature often…meditate…and try to stretch it like taffy…. into the coming work week. I want to be my best self for the children I love. It is my hope anyway. Some things are invaluable and cannot be bought or sold for money. I will want to listen to this sermon again online.

Devon is amazing in being self motivated. She is moving forward with doctor visits, dentist visits, and paperwork with the intention of going on an LDS mission this fall. You are a great role model for your sister. She will graduate May 18th with her Associate degree, and perhaps work to save money this summer. Maybe the two of you can take a Senior sluff trip for a few days like you and Justin did when you went hiking and camping in “Zion.” 😉

A GROUPON promotion dropped into my email INBOX yesterday advertising a 7 day trip to ROME and Palermo….$1500.00 Is this a good price? Idk. I want to go to Italy with you this summer. The GROUPON is good for all the summer months, and into the fall. We must go in June or July though. What are your thoughts on this? Are you having any strong feelings in any particular direction, post mission? I think I would like to just purchase airfare and improvise once we arrive in Italy. Don’t want to be locked into dates, and travel groups. Want to be free to go where we are moved to go, without restraints and pressure of others and agendas. Yes? I will get my passport soon I think.

I am working on teacher recertification. It is due by June 30th. I have watched the necessary “Suicide” videos with some trepidation, but Devon watched with me. This topic is still a pressure point at times. I have now taken the on-line “Ethics” questionaire, and will have fingerprints done and background check completed in the next week or so, along with making necessary payments to the state of Utah. This will extend my teaching career to 2020…..on paper. I don’t know if I will still want to be a teacher by then. This year has been atypical, but blessed. For now, I am happy to be at the little elementary school that I love. I count our blessings for all that we have been given,  and all the lessons we learn together there. We are given so many abundant gifts.

I hope things are progressing for you in the work. I love you.

Here are a few pictures. Tough to run in mud and on slick ice. Lots of detouring through the sage brush and hop-scotching from snow patch to snowpatch, from deer trail to deer trail. It was really fun! Ice forms were beautiful. Can’t believe people are still walking on that ice and fishing it.

Woah! Eruption in the front room! Patriots won the game with an interception on the Seahawk five yard line! Done deal with Tom Brady taking a knee. Guess it was a great game. Foxborough is going nuts, I’m sure!

Have a great week!


Mom 🙂


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