Christmas Advent: Email to My Italian Herb & Cheesy Son


Stuffed rice balls which are coated with breadcrumbs and fried

Dear Mom,

I am so glad that you are feeling better and better:) I am also very excited to Skype with you!!!!!:D:D:D Me and my companion still have to plan out all of the stuff that we are going to do next week, Is there any day in particular that you would prefer to do the call? What works best for you?? I will probably do it from a member’s house so I am really flexible. I will let you know next week what we decide, but please let me know if there is a time that is preferable for you! Thank you:)

Thank you so much for your prayers mom:) Both for me and for Samantha. I know that the Lord hears every prayer that we say, be it vocally or in the heart.

Things in Palermo are getting even more geared up for Christmas! More lights! More trees! More smoke filled streets from the fires of roasted castagne. It is great:) Christmas in Italy is pretty similar to that of America.
Last Saturday was a holliday in Palermo called La Festa di Santa Lucia (we nicknamed it festa di santa arancina) haha. On this holliday everybody makes a ton of Arancini!!!!! They are like a deep fried rice ball with all kinds of diferent fillings. I ate 5 arancini that day!!! One had dark chocolate inside and was covered in powdered sugar. It was way good!!!

I love you so much mom!!!!!! I am so excited to see you!!!!!!
Love, Anziano Robertson

On Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 7:52 AM, Heidi Robertson <> wrote:
Hi, Donavon!

I hope your week it shaping up wonderfully for you. I am getting better every day. I am home for another week of school. I will return a stronger, more enthusiastic, yet humbled teacher on Jan. 4th, 2015. I am SO excited to skype with you! When will that be? We are praying for both you and for Samantha. Have a wonderful week. Thanks for the lovely reponses and for the pictures. You and your friends look great! I am so tired. Didn’t sleep well last night and today and tonight I have over done in lesson planning. I did pause to work with a friend in adding apps and bookmarks to the students’ Ipads.  Then she and I went to her house and wrapped caramels while chatting and distracting to NFL football with her husband there.  This was Jake “the snake” from swim team’s mom.  He graduated last school year and is working in construction now, saving money.  There is a chance he is considering a mission in the near future.  

The caramels were a little on the hard side.  It took about an hour to cut them all. I was using a cleaver!  No don’t get that weird CHUCKY visual!  It took some patience, perseverance, and muscle.  Good to get an arm workout, even if I am limited in most other exercise ways. ha ha…..So exhausted. I need sleep.  Fortunately I have lots of time this week to do that. This time off is a mixed bag of emotions, but a blessed gift of potential peace and rest.  I love you.

Share more Christmas stories about the people, and food, and culture. please.

Last night we went to the Nutcracker ballet in Park City. What a wonderful display of movement by Park City Dance Company. They are young children and teens.  I did not expect the exellence I was privileged to behold!  The Eccles is an amazing resource for the performing arts. Hey! This reminds me, I took Delanie to PCHS to see Ririe Woodbury after the wonderful assembly my Principal brought in. What a great interactive assembly. The students loved it.

The show last night featured SO many beautiful, dancing fairies!!! ha ha… The only flying footwork I have done is on the basketball court and at the kickboxing studio. Very different indeed…as different and unique as the quick thinking on feet required by teachers. 🙂 Do you still want to be a high school teacher and coach? Really? You are so creative and capable of anything you have a passion for.  Whatever career conclusion you arrive on will be wonderful, and we will support your thinking.  I have no doubt you have so much to offer where ever you serve!  🙂  

We, well mostly Dad…….are cleaning out, and cleaning up your room.  Holy!  Justin is coming for Christmas from Phoenix on the 22nd.  It will be best if he stays here rather than at Grandma’s.  We will reserve that other space for Jason, should he unexpectantly show up for a New Years weekend.  Just a hunch.  Or maybe he won’t come.  He is enjoying the fast life of an architectual engineer in Manhattan and all that NYC offers.  Inceredible life he has made.  Can’t wait to visit….maybe for a few days before we go on to  vistit Italy and your friends in Sicily.

Back to the Nutcracker!  You would have enjoyed seeing this with Samantha.  Maybe next Christmas….somewhere. There was a doll who danced herself out of a box with a child’s wind-up key. She had to hold a still position for more than ten minutes! Devon said she felt sorry for her. I was in awe of her strength and control:)

I marveled at the skill and athleticism displayed in the Nutcracker, and left there dreaming and wishing … have an ounce of what these performers have… beautiful… NOT in being a beautiful dancing fairy, but hoping to be a better grounded human: stronger in body, more graceful in Godly ways, and more a master of self control. I have heard that beauty comes as a side effect of loving well. I am often wanting these things and wanting in them.

It’s what C.S. Lewis describes as a “longing,” a kind of unattainable hope …..for what only God can give in love and peace. Perhaps this is somehow what some allude to. I feel blessed to glimpse it from time to time. How is it hope and faith in God and Christ sustained? I know all the LDS book answers.  It is something more than that…of a heart space realization…..that leads us more to a mindset of obedience from a place of Love for God and all people.  Must want to do things …..”For the Love of! ”  ha ha.  

The ballet, was a good reminder, and the performance was full of smiling, dancing children. Delightful. There were funny dancing elephants, belly dancers that reminded me of Mermaids, and even floppsy Rageddy Annes and Andys. Fun surprises each time the lights came up.

Whatever you and your companion decide will work for the Skyping will work for us.  We would love Justin, and Samantha to be part of our electronic visit with you.  You decide and we will LOVE IT!  And I want to invite Samantha.  I think she will come if she is home with her family during Christmas.  I think she will be.

Better go to sleep. It is nearing midnight……a time only Santa should be up. ha ha…

Love you lots,

Mom 🙂


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