Making it to Christmas: Prepaid Postage & Email to My Italian Son

Donavon the Baptist

Giuseppe’s Big Day & Donavon, the Baptist 🙂

Dear Mom,

I love you so much!!!
I am so glad that you are making a good recovery from your surgery and that you have such a long list of thing you are grateful for! I am grateful for you:) Two nights ago I had a dream in which you are I were dancing together, it was a simple dance, but it felt so real. I think it was a revelation:)
This week was really great. Giuseppe was baptized on Saturday. The baptism went really well:) He was verry stressed because his mom had a fall a couple of days before and was not feeling very well. She is doing better now though and she is excited to meet us! Giuseppe shared his testimony on sunday in testimony meeting and talked about how having to take care of his mom has really taught him a lot in these days. Giuseppe’s dad passed away one year ago this week. He is such a gentle and sweet man, the gospel will bless his life so much:)
Thank you so much for wanting to send a package:) You can just send it to the mission office address in Rome. As far as contents, could you send Skittles and Starbursts and gummy worms? That would be I think the only thing I want:) I will be sending a package home this week too:)
I love you so much mom!! I am so excited to skype in only a couple of weeks!!
Next week I will let you know at the precise time it will happen:)
Thank you for everything mom:) I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Donavon

P.S. Can you please keep Samantha in your prayers? She will be doing finals at school in these next couple of weeks. Thank you!!:D


On Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 9:25 AM, Heidi Robertson <> wrote:
Dear Anziano Robertson,

Hi, Donavon!

We should call your email: Baptism by Postal Service Ascension or DESCENSION…jk…If I were you I wouldn’t bother with gummy worms! I would ask for dark DOVES Chocolate!

Well…..It sounds like you have had an eventful week according to Suzy’s posts. She said you had a baptism. You will have to tell me how that transpired. (Prepare to be…a bit disgusted!)

I have had another week of recovery. It is mostly going well, but has occassional intermitent random setbacks. I went to the doctor Thursday, Dec. 4th. He said my incisions were healing really well. There are three very small entry points. The three form a near equalateral triangle if you were to connect them. The one on the lower left is about 2 cm, the navel about the size of a tiny, carelessly shaded graphite bubble on a Mastery Connect assesment bubble sheet. The one to the lower right of my belly button is the largest of the three, probably 4 cms. This has given me the most tenderness. This part of me was worked over most, and an ovary removed along with the other landing gear.

The picture I saw of the once resident, aberrant thing creeped me out! It looked like an ominous fish eye. I think it was the “EVIL EYE!” ha ha …Just kidding. I saw a bunch of these iconic items at an eating establishment two summers ago in Arizona. Cheryl J. taught a special needs student whose parents own a Moroccan restaurant and clothing store. We dropped in to visit to have a taste of Moroccan. There were all kinds of these “evil eye” things in the gift shop: jewelry, decorations, embellished books, wallets, Sari type clothing, and headcovers.  It has something to do with the culture in the home country or maybe an Islam, religious thing.  I Dunno. I am a dumb American cowgirl. 🙂

I think it is really meant to be…. a good luck charm. If this bubble sheet fish eye was good luck, then I don’t know if I want any of it! ha ha…Actually, I think this whole experience was meant to happen….maybe not as a curse or bad omen, but as a means for me to learn some life lessons. I am writing a “Gratitude List” worthy of OPRAH!  It’s called:

40 Reasons to Survive Surgery & the Resultant Good that Comes From Weathering a Hysterical-ectomy.   (More to Come in our next installment! ha ha)

As for your revelatory dream, here is an interesting connection:  One of the gratitudes on my fairly religious and philosophical platform..AKA.. “Mom’s Top 40 List” was……

#4.  a dance with “fear” and an increased knowledge that Love…and God among us in the form of Jesus…..casts out FEAR and darkness.

Be Good!

I love you beyond words.

Love, Mom 🙂

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2 Responses to Making it to Christmas: Prepaid Postage & Email to My Italian Son

  1. Kathy Waller says:

    Hysterical-ectomy. Good word. Skittles and Starbursts and gummy worms? Oh, my. That’s boy’s appreciation of sweets is sorely lacking.

    • ha ha! I am so happy! I skyped with my Italian missionary son this morning!!!! He has not received the package yet, but he will. Transfers are set for the middle of January, and one way or another the candy will find him. Maybe he will be sent to Rome! wouldn’t that be something?! He loves it in Palermo, and was telling me about the Monreale Cathedral. Can’t wait to see it for myself.

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