Storytelling Discovery

As a reader, writer, and blogger, it was my good fortune to discover a storytelling treasure from a WordPress award winning storyteller, JT Weaver. It is a memoir entitled, Uphill Both Ways.

Mr. Weaver’s book is accessible via blog and resides there as a generosity. However, this storyteller’s intention was never to win awards, but rather to pass on a wonderful book of remembrances to his children. The posts offer a delightful collection of memories, crafted as a father’s wish and blessing to be packaged, wrapped, and lovingly gifted to his children; Sarah and Patrick. The pieces presented are concise, effective, and entertaining, as they unfold an interesting life.

Readers can expect to discover glimpses of a unique individual, never lacking the energy and heart to give to others. Each carefully written story contains universal realizations. Some vignettes contain precious vintage photographs capturing the moment. The stories spark the mind to connections, stir the heart to emotion, raising smiles and occasionally, as in life, lowering one to regrettable sighs. Overall the work’s success lies in the beauty in which it moves the reader forward while simultaneously pondering ones’ own parallel life paths.

I applaud Mr. Weaver’s heartfelt efforts to share the joys and pains of his life. I invite all to stop by and to read, perhaps over a cup of morning brew, what JT Weaver has to share. Come see for yourself, as you visit a well respected storyteller, JT Weaver, at


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“Each man ( and mermaid) will be like a shelter from the wind and a refuge from the storm, like streams of water in the desert and the shadow of a great rock in a thirsty land”. Isa 32:2 NIV Warning: The author of this blog is not an ordinary individual. Even Mermaids need a rest from all that's real and grown up. Welcome to the wonder of blog. Come be audience to all that's wet and wild in her stories, poems and thoughts. Instructor by day, super hero by night, and mystical mermaid by summer. Whenever she has the fortune of diving into a pond, reservoir, or mountain waterfall, you'll find her there swimming, and singing songs of life.
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8 Responses to Storytelling Discovery

  1. J T Weaver says:

    Thank you very much for your kind words. I’m so happy that you enjoyed the book.

  2. marianbeaman says:

    JT, you were given honorable mention on my blog post yesterday:

    Participating is optional, but I want my readers to be aware of other worthy writers like you. It’s all about widening the circle of influence, which works both ways.

  3. Kathy Waller says:

    Thank for the recommendation.

  4. Kathy Waller says:

    A lot of people probably don’t write memoirs because they’re overwhelmed at what seems like so much work. If they just recorded anecdotes, they job would seem, and be, less of a task and more of a pleasure. I should take my own advice.

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