Thanksgiving and Receiving Email & My Italian Son

Anziano Out for a RunSelfie Anziano Donavon

On Sun, Nov 30, 2014 at 9:33 PM, Heidi Robertson <> wrote:
Dear Anziano Robertson,

Hi, Donavon.

I love you. I think you are terrific. I am proud of you.
Thank you for all the selfless giving you are engaged in as you are spending these two wonderful gifted years in the service of your God and fellow men and women, and children…. Priceless. It is the true meaning of Christmas. Loving others and loving enough to share the glad tidings of the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. His Grace is enough. The Love He gives, is the Love we should thirst and hunger after, and want to give to others….expecting nothing in return.

Big bill to fill. We exhaust ourselves in sin and then in the search for relief and means to escape it. He is there for us to come unto. Yes. It is such a simple message, and yet the human race is so good at complicating it. Forgetting, wandering aimlessly, and wasting precious TIME.

TIme is wonderful gift. Life, choice, awareness, memory, health, and TIME… LOVE. I saw this thing on facebook from the Dali Llama…about Time. How the Western world…..well, the world in general, spends so much time and enegy toward making and spending MONEY. Time is the greatest, most precious commodity. Yes. Time. I am grateful for a body and mind capable of choosing good. Still I waste so much time….spinning my wheels in thought.

Thanksgiving was not traditional for me, anymore than I suspect it was for you. I have a friend who has just gone to serve in Korea. He has been there less than two weeks. No Thanksgiving celebrated there. In a few days he and his companion will be teaching English to Koreans. Don’t think the word “turkey” will soon come up. Hm..

Delanie and I stayed home for Thanksgiving, recovering. We lay around all day with the television playing Christmas movies. After awhile, I could not take it. Later we took a drive to Park City… see the lights? No! To see the EMPTY PARKING LOTS. In a few hours, though, they would be full of early shoppers….graying the line toward BLACK FRIDAY! BAH!  This is not my playform.

Delanie has had a bad cold, and I…..well, you know that story. Even so, it was a relief to stay home and to not feel expected to go, go, go……eat, eat, eat…….converse……drive many miles. Ten miles is about my limit.

Dad and Devon went to Marcy and Gary’s. Gary’s aged mother was also there in Bountiful. It was good all around. They shared in delicious food, company, football, and nap time. It is a delight to visit, and I would have liked to have gone if conditions had been different. All the same, dad and Devon brought home leftovers, and stories. These vittles I enjoyed, and ate nearly half the giant CostCo pumpkin pie with just as much whipping cream!  Wow! Didn’t think I had that in me anymore with kickboxing and all. I think I have prescribed to thinking food will heal me more quickly. Hm. Dangerous path! just kidding… I will moderate.

It is Sunday. I have been here at school in my classroom …thinking, revising, writing lesson plans…..and hoping that the plans will work. They will be what they are. I just hope the students respond well, respectfully, in good humor, and patience.  They are always learning……..something. Yes.

It is difficult to be away for a few reasons that I won’t bore you with. Even though my heart says return…..My body says….It is more wise to delay.

I like to outthink and override my body. I have done this for months with the exercise and kickboxing to some amazing results, but it has also taken a toll, as has other modes of thinking and actions.

Live and learn. I am often humbled in this, but not sure I learn.

I am so grateful for so many things….including you. I think besides resting this week, I will write more of my Christmas story, write my Christmas cards, become further inspired toward a direction to take with Opera writing with my students, and turn up the Benedryl drip. 😉

I don’t want to feel overwhelmed when I return to school. I want the Lord’s spirit to fill me and to direct my path……whatever that is and wherever it takes us. I look forward to all the good that awaits and abounds in the Celebration of Christ and the holiday: the sights, the smells, the tastes, the joy, the laughter, the songs, the children. The Love.

Please send stories of how Sicilians celebrate Christmas and the New Year. I have read a little in the past. I want first hand examples from you, if you will PLEASE be so kind as to humor me in this. Donavon…..just do it, okay?!

Otherwise…..I will ponder what to send as Christmas cards, and …….what to send to you. Yes……YOU!

May your week be wonderful. Please continue to pray for me……so I may heal in body, mind, and spirit. I couldn’t ask for any more than all that I have been blessed with in my full and happy life of family, school, worship, and a healthy, continually healing body. Thanks for being wonderful, Donavon!

Again, I love you.

Have a great week….ha ha! 🙂


Dear Mom,
I love you so much!!! I am glad you had a restful Thankskiving. This year me and my companion didn’t really do anything too special for Thanksgiving. It was fun to gift some home made bread I made to our neighbors and ward mission leader:)

Things are starting to gear up for the Christmas season. Lots of lights and trees and sales in the stores. The church put out this video last week (also in italian) and we have been showing it to people with our little “smartphone.”  It’s not great.  We are going to start asking a member to help us and go with us so we can show it to people on their ipad. It is such an awesome video!!

I will let you know more when it gets closer to christmas:)

This week was really great! We had zone conference on Wednesday and then stake conference on Saturday and Sunday. It was so great! At the conference the theme was eternal families. I loved it! Also many investigators were able to come!
Next week we should be having a baptism. His name is Giuseppe and we have been teaching him for about 2 months. He is really great, I am very excited for him to take this step and be baptized. He loves the Book of Mormon, It has been incredible to see the spirit work within him and the joy that he has now that he has the gospel in his life!

I love you so much mom!!!!!!! Thank you for everything!!!!


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