Letters to My Sicilian Son…the Kissy One!!!

Re: Letter to My Italian Sicilian Son
Heidi Robertson <hrobertson@nsummit.org>
To: Donavon McKay Robertson <donavon.robertson@myldsmail.net>
Date: 9/1/2014 11:52 AM
Wow, Donavon!

So much has changed in the last year. Sad to hear about your friend, Salvatore’. Is he the one who was studying to become a Catholic Priest? Not sure that is clear in my head. Glad things are well with the missionary work. Ha ha….you words regarding affection…..made me laugh…..and “YOU THINK YOU ARE SO FUNNY!!!! I’m sure. I will welcome you home with open arm ……no matter what the condition, kissy or otherwise. LOL! You are SOOOO ITALIAN NOW, I’M SURE.  And stylish, no doubt.  Hm.  Ha ha.

Love, Mom 🙂
Donavon McKay Robertson , 9/1/2014 8:41 AM:
Dear Mom!
I love you so much!

1. learned why I was called to Italy. It is so that I could learn how a son should express love to his mom. When I get back expect to get your face kissed a lot more often hahaha:)
2. This week was crazy!!! So one year ago I came to Palermo with Anziano Baggaley. When we were here we did exchanges with the Palermo missionaries and me and this other missionary who finished his mission long ago taught a man named Salvatore Del Monte. When I came to Palermo 3 weeks ago we had a lesson with him and I remembered him and he remembered me from a year ago! Also he had a baptismal date for this Saturday. Last week we recieved a phone call from Salvatore’s son and he told us that Salvatore died. One week before his baptism he died. He was 65 years old and had been an investigator of the church for 12 years. It was sad that he passed away so close to his baptism but I know that he will accept it in the spirit world. Saturday morning we attended his funeral. A couple of hours later we celebrated the birthday of a member of our ward here and then later that same evening we had the baptismal ceremony of our investigator named Prince. He is from Nigeria and was the first baptism of the Palermo 3 branch which is an english speaking branch. Also his family is the first complete family of that branch because his wife Sandra is a member and they have a 3 year old son:) One year from now they will be sealed in the temple:)
It has been a very eventful week:)

I love you so much mom!!! hAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!
-Anziano Donavon McKay Robertson
On Mon, Sep 1, 2014 at 7:11 AM, Heidi Robertson <hrobertson@nsummit.org> wrote:
Dear Anziano,

Hi, Donavon!!!!

I went to church today. I didn’t want to….but I did. Glad too…..cuz Delanie gave a brief talk. I saw and heard McKay Stevens speak on his mission and things he has learned. I couldn’t help but thing of you and what you are attempting in Italy. Love. His mom, Samantha Stevens, looked so happy to have her son home. Before you know it this will be YOU! Hope you are doing great!

We are well enough off. I went for a killer run with Rock tonight through Silver Creek Canyon, high up on the hill where UDOT is building one of those high security deer fences with like……….ten feet posts every five feet or so. There is a really nice path on the uphill side of the fenceline. It was pushed out for access to ensure the best possible condition for the project. A four-wheeler, side-by- side, or small excavator can move along this etching, so two runners were able to bound easily here. I loved this so much…..the six miles or so did not seem difficult in the least. My mind and body are changing toward….phenomenal and limitless. Need to work on the spirituality…

It is Labor Day tomorrow. It will be the one year aniversary of my new car, PEARL. Nice to have an extra day too …..to play and bask in the sun. I am going to the 9m am kickboxing class in Sandy. I love the morning classes. It is cooler. The class on Saturday was sooooo packed. I have never seen the studio that full. Some boxers had to double up. It was fine….just different….crowded. I am glad the business is thriving. Tomorrow will be equally full, I’m sure, with people having the day off. I hope I can move after the run tonight. I will be fine.

Justin is here for the weekend for a visit until tomorrow night. His friend, Robert, from Tooele was married yesterday.

I gotta get a quick shower and go to bed so I can be effective! It is already late….and past my target bedtime. I will improve in this over the next 45 days as I set more rigid goals for myself.

Please write and tell me stories.

Love, Mom 🙂


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