Email to My Italian Son: No Bawling ….a Whopper From Malta Back to Sicily ;)


Hey mom!
I love you so much!!! Today has been super hectic so I dont have much time to write:P
Basically this is the gist of my week.
We got transfer calls and I am leaving Malta. I will be serving in Sicily again!! In Palermo, and I will be a zone leader. Please pray for me!! I love you so much mom!!! I printed your email so I can read it leater:) Have and awesome week and happy anniversary!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D
-Love Donavon

On Mon, Aug 4, 2014 at 4:08 AM, Heidi Robertson wrote:
Dear Donavon,

Dear Anziano,

It sounds like it has been one WHOPPER of a week for you!  A week for Chocolate. I used to love malt balls, chocolate malts, Dove dark chocolate, trips through the drive through at MacDonald’s for a cup of hot fudge. The thing I like more than all of these is having you……my Maltan missionary internationally serving the Lord. Ha ha! So, yes!

Hey! What’s new with you? I think it is time to cash in on an extra LONNNNNNNNNG email from you, Don.

Rob Watterson asked about you, as do so many others at church….Justin Koyle, Sonya…the list goes on.

I don’t even know what to tell you……..other than I love you…..and ILOVEKICKBOXING very much and do it most every weekday now. Swim a little too. Texted Fawcett about the pace clock….like TWICE. No response. Typical. Friday Delanie and I went to Park City. The Arts Festival was cranking up. Artists were setting up booths and it was LOCALS night. We saw an exhibit inside the Kimball called “DOGS” by an artist named Hughes. Photography of a variety of settings depicting people in different time periods with their dogs. There were two in particular that were curious to me. One of people on a beach in Brazil…a dog running and a woman in a string bikinni bottom.  Then next to this was another photo of a couple in leather leaning against a fence, and between them,  a giant POODLE with some cheekless leather pants on. BIZARRE! I thought this to be the perfect exhibit for the Arts Festival and for Park City in general because of the dog theme.

Downstairs at the Kimball was a graffiti art exhibit and the check-in table for Art Fest Volunteers. I inquired and signed up to help on Saturday in the Kids area. It was not busy at the Mosaic station. Only a few kids, yes, but lots of helpers. I had really nothing to do but pick up and sort shards of glass for the artist and her helpers, and clean glue out of the elmers orange glue stoppers so it would flow best for the kid creators. So this was an exercise in waiting….and honing patience. I was there maybe 30 minutes just watching kids design, which was really fun,  when a friend of mine appeared. Do you remember Mrs. Beetlebrox, from the Art Council?  She has partnered with our Principal t0 write grants and made some incredible ART opportunities happen for us.  She was also behind bringing art to Coalville…..”THE LEAF LADY”…..and well, you know about that!

Lola is super nice and friendly.  Also, so talented and passionate. Turns out she was also there to volunteer. We were pretty bored, so when her husband, ZAPHOD, also an artist, showed up, Lola invited me to go with them around the Festival. She is a VIP, so we went to the VIP tent which had all kinds of food, beverages, and a wet bar. All of the donors and uppity ups were in there. I am NOT a drinker, but had to get a wrist band because you couldn’t be in there without one. It was weird to be carded. I also had to take my shirt off (my volunteer shirt). Fortunately I had my swimming suit on underneath. But this was pretty dramatic, as you can imagine….I had fun with this.

I really enjoyed the visit there with Lola and Zaphod. It was truly an adventure, I would have thought I would never have had. There was a live band called the Breakfast Club who played 80s songs, and the lead looked like Don Johnson from Miami Vice. So great! I even knew most of the words to these songs! So basically, I just goofed around and got free food, a free Tshirt, free admission, and a gift bag of free skull candy earbuds and other free incentives. Yep. I actually felt VERY guilty for not helping more kids. It was just not busy. 🙂

I then left Park City which was sooooooo packed with out-of-towners and locals……for Sandy and the Kick Boxing Pool Party. This was also interesting. Again, alcohol was one of the themes. It was fun to talk and to get to know some of the people I beat up on in class. ha ha…

This afternoon I went for a run with the dogs for 3 or more hours. We went up the back the back road to Mermaid Cove, climbed up the rocky cliffs, around Dead Man’s Cove, up the next ridge (this is sketchy). This is where the dogs took off, not to be seen for over an hour. The ridge dumps down to the most Northern campground and the beginning of sooooooo many people and their dogs. I became pretty worried about the dog interface. Fortunately Jimmer and Boozer never surfaced here.

So I made my way up to the Boat Ramp. I love this running up the beach and watching people enjoying themselves. It is a mystery to me how people can RELAX. I struggle with this. When I nearly had made it home… of the Federal land…..the dogs showed up again. I CAN NOT TELL YOU HOW RELIEVED I WAS AT THIS. Jimmer knows how to deviate to just the right amount and then to show up again with a happy smile, pant, and waggy tail…and Boozer close behind with licking tongue. I had missed running with them. It had been a month or so since I last RISKED THIS!!!! When I got back to the farm I ran the sledding hill 4 times.  Sprinted the approximately 50 yards, until I couldn’t breath or move any more.  This was great!

I met with Bishop Donaldson today. He sais to tell you “Hello.” Asked about you I may be released from the Nursery……or just be put on stand by, or substitute status. I don’t like being tied down to every week and getting the guilt trip from the Primary President for missing…I had given notice well up front before summer started…hmmm…so, we’ll see. I do love being with those children though.

I am going up TIMP this weekend as part of the RESCUE TEAM. Last time I was up there 2 weeks ago, it was SO great! No problems…..lots of GOATS…..beautiful wild flowers……sun and perfect temperatures. When you get back YOU HAVE TO GO UP THERE WITH ME!

Well, that’s all for now. Delanie is bugging me to go watch Sherlock Holmes and to sing her rehearsal songs. She is trying out for the hs musical tomorrow night…..BYE BYE BIRDIE…..She asks that you fast and pray for her to get a part. She is FREAKING AWESOME!!!! as you know. ha ha

Hope you have a great week!

Love, MOM 🙂

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