The Scoop From My Maltese Son

an ice cream cone

Dear Mom:)
I hope that you are having lots of fun there in AZ:) I wish that I was at good at writing as you are!! And I also wish that I had as much exciting stuff to write about as you do!:) haha. I just love hearing your unique insight to everything that happens in your life:)
I hope your face gets feeling better from that attack of the laptop monitor!:(
That is cool that you were able to have that experience of going to that Pentecostal church to see what it was like! Sounds like it would be fun to see:) We will go to a catholic church together some time when we come back to visit Malta and Italy:) I think it is good to build good relationships with other Christian denominations. It is just the Christlike thing to do!:)
I am glad you were able to spend some time with Justin:) I hope he is doing well:) I miss him a lot! He is so awesome!!! Jason told me he is coming to Italy in about two weeks! He is really excited.
I hope dad had a good fathers day:) I miss him a lot too!! I sent him a happy fathers day email:) I love you and Dad so much mom!!!!:) Thank you for everything that you have ever done to help me and teach me:)
Thank you for ordering the CD for me!!:) Jon Foreman, Limbs and Branches. I really appreciate it:)

Thank you so much mom:) I love you!!!!
Your Maltese son, Donavon McKay Robertson

P.S. Text Sam and see how she is doing:) Thanks!!:D

On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 8:37 AM, Heidi Robertson <> wrote:
Dear Anziano Robertson,

Hi, Donavon. I have been doing so much leisure and little else, other than eating, a bit of writing, reading, and exercising. When I get back I will kick box again. OMGosh, I jiust sat up to put a blanket on my feet because I get cold in the air conditioning, and it is a cool night…..maybe only 98 degress, and my Mac slipped and the monitor smacked me across the face, as if someone was trying to tell me “In YOUR FACE!” Ouch! That really hurt.

First of all….I am sorry that I haven’t gotten on that Amazon order that you want. I have been without a debit card until yesterday when Delanie flew here to Arizona. I burned through a lot of cash in the last two weeks. I can feel I have a big welt on my face now. Ouch!

Today was Fathers Day Sunday. I don’t particularly like the holidays all that well. I was reading WordPress blogs specifice to Fathers and I have been able to explore and ponder a few Fathers Day traditions in the last day or so. To celebrate with Stephen Johnson, we went to dinner at Famous Dave’s. We also went to the new Disney movie with Angelina Jolie, called Maleficent. This is so great! It is a Sleeping Beauty fractured fairy tale. It was less fractured and more rewritten toward heart and healing. I wish I had her WINGS!!

This morning I spontaneously dropped in on the church of one of Addie’s friends. This girl’s parents are both lay pastors there. They were kind of released today. The name of the church is Fresh Start. It sounds like Smith’s Marketplace or Fresh Market. It is a Pentacostal Church with a live Christian rock band, and people standing, swaying, dancing, singing, holding hands to Jesus, and shouting things. It was pretty passionate. I liked the music and singing. During the sermon the preacher got really riled up and then softened. Then riled and soft, and riled, and soft. It was pretty entertaining.

I had heard this group to be real Mormon bashers. At first I wondered if I would need a membership card to enter. I didn’t have one nor did I need one. Ha ha…..there is a local grocery chain called Basha’s. The other day I bought a dozen doughnuts and took them home. When I paid, the clerk asked me if I had a Bash’s Card. I said, “No. I am not a Basha!”

The Fresh Start message was quite interesting. The Pastor basically explained what a Pentacostal Church is. He discussed several Bible verses, one of which was in Malachai which referred to turning hearts of fathers to children. I kept thinking of how change needs to occur in families and in our country……and about Geneology. At the first, there was a gift card give away to the oldest father, the youngest father, and the father with the newest baby. The band music was pretty amazing. The sermon mostly about how the Pentacostal Church is chanaging, and trending……like churches across America. He spoke about First Generation Christians, Second Gen., and 3rd Generation Christians. I am still thinking about these things. Pentacostal Evangelicals are very big on Being Saved by Jesus. They seem to greatly emphasize the role of the Holy Spirit in witnessing of Jesus. Very expressive bunch. I like it mostly.

Then, at 1 pm I went to the LDS Ward that Che’ goes to. This seemed almost a comatose environment after the other. The youth speaker was the best, and spoke on moderation and the importance of keeping Social Media use in check. The other speakers were tributes to Fathers……theirs, others. It is facinating how each person sees and thinks and opperates based on their own experience and perspectives. After Sacrament meeting, I took Delanie back to Cheryl’s because she had a headache. I washed my hair and then went back to Primary and singing time with Che’. This is soooooo fun! The kids made presents for their dads. I got to hold a new baby.

I have been reading a little book by C.S. Lewis called A Grief Observed. Awesome, thought provoking, and heart felt. I have thought some of Lewis’s same sentiments.

Tonight I drove about an hour on the freeway to meet Justin at a mix-and-mingle for Singles in Mesa, only a few blocks from the Mesa Temple. I was the designated not Single driver. Chef Brad of KBYU TV had a big neighborhhood ice cream party and invited the Elders to visit and to teach. There was endless ice cream cones. This is a great way to secure referals.

I am so tired. I love you, and I will get right on ordering the cd tomorrow.

Love, Mom.



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