Email to My Maltan Missionary: What’s All the Skype on Mothers’ Day?



Dear Mom, 

Thank you so much for your beautiful words:) I love hearing all of the wonderful stories that you share with me each week:) Please don’t ever stop telling stories:)

This week has been good:) We have found some new people to teach and we are feeling good about the momentum of the work here in Malta:) On Saturday we found 2 new investigators named Zelda and Chris. I am excited to continue teaching them and see their progress:)

Summer heat is starting to kick in. And lots and lots more tourists are coming:) haha.

I am so excited to skype you mom!!!!!!! And everybody else too!!:)
Okay so please remember this… The skype call will be at 11:30 on Saturday NOT at 10:00 because we had to do something here at that time. So again at 11:30. Will you please tell all of the members of our family. And yes YES please invite Sam!!!!!!!:D Please! Because I have not seen her face in so long and I miss her!!:( Will you please talk to her and see if she wants to come? This would really make me happy:) Thank you mom:)

I am so excited to see you!!!!!!!!!!:D at 11:30:D on Saturday!!! Also see if the Devon or Delanie can access skype on the kinect on the xbox so that you guys can have the big screen!!!:)

Thank you so much for everything mom:) I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

Love, Donavon McKay Robertson

On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 5:32 AM, Heidi Robertson <> wrote:
Ha ha! Dear Anziano Robertson!

Thank you for the email and the photograph!  Ha ha……Do you remember when Justin used to play the Xbox game Zelda?

How is the language coming? Are you accustomed to being a lazy missionary speaking English now on Malta? How are things in the branch and with the new converts? Testimony Meeting today. Vern is always so entertaining!

My favorite bawler…..jk……speaker today in the church meeting was a child named John. jk….He did not cry.  Rather, he was very confident.  Amazing.  He used to live here in town with his Grandma. He was bold in his conviction! So commanding, and wise beyond his ten years. He may have been in my class had he not moved away. Today he is visiting his Grandma.

I remember teaching his older brother, Will, who called me “MRS. ROVERTSON…” You might remember this.  Will was bright and also a natural athlete. He had a wonderful IMAGINATION as well. He was in the opera: Mars Mission.  He was a secret agent of outer space with a loud crinkly space suit made out of an aluminum emergency space blanket and dryer vent tubing for arms. The helmet was half a flat, red bouncy playground ball sprayed with metalic silver paint, with an attached visor.  It was cool!

As I recall Will told some whopper stories. One day he came to school and told me his Uncle Chad ( you know….Chad from YM) shot a robber. Any way, there weren’t many days that WIll did not have a BIG FISH story for me. I had to smile………often. Truth is a few years ago, the child’s parents were separated, divorced…….and Grandma put them up. Mom had become addicted to prescription drugs and gotten into a lot of trouble. Sad……destruction of the family. These days this is becoming more the norm than the exception.  Requires increased empathy and outreach toward these children.

John was also imginative as a six year old. He always had a different toy or action figure when he came to my Primary “STAR” Class. Children are wonderful even in their pain. Resilient and truly incredible in spite of the sad life events. Will, John and other siblings had been dosed plenty heart ache by their pathalogically lieing nurse mother. Sad.

SO in church today………….ten year old John when to the pultpit and commanded an audience. He attempted telling  an increasingly well known story that his grandma (who was your h.s. English teacher) had told or read to him. Basically the story is a real life account of a girl (teen) named Malala who is internationally famous.  SHE experienced a miracle in surviving a gun shot to the head from a Taliban soldier who attacked her school bus.

Johnny’s MAIN IDEA was “Don’t be afraid. Malala was NOT AFRAID. “That is what Satan wants us to do, ” John said. I sat in church with my gaping mouth…. thinking: We really do wallow in our self made mire…in our FEARS. I remember reading a scripture somewhere that says….. LOVE CASTETH OUT FEAR. John’s testimony was powerful!!! Profound! I will be thinking on this thing for days. How does one love others so as to cast out fear.  Fear on our own part of others…..and how to minimize, quell the fears of those same others.  I am thinking specifically of one chid who was the topic of discussion at school today and requires special consideration in placement for next school year.  Complicated.  Sigh.

I have been debating what to next read out loud to my class since I finished RUMP, a Newbery nominee.  I decided to go with The Liberation of Gabriel King.  I takes place in 1976.  The two main characters are unlikely best friends, and are also 4th graders.  Students will be able to relate to these characters.   The setting is in the deep south in a time when Jimmy Carter was running for President.  What is funny is I was actually a 4th grader at this very time.  Cool, huh?! The main themes are “Friendship” and “Overcoming fears.”  These are things I am working on.

I believe Fear is at the root of so many social ills.  It impedes growth and spirituality.  It clouds thinking. It breeds so many other low resonating emotional states….sorrow, depression, loneliness, jealousy.   So I will read this book that takes place during years of American social reform during and after the Civil Rights movement in our country.  I like how the protagonists are children and that they break color barriers.  I like that the friendship is between a boy and a girl, one who is white and one who is African-American.  

Today I had students write about “What it takes to be a good friend.” They loved this.  They are so excited to read and discuss the writing.  It is so rewarding to discuss things in a class meeting format.  Tomorrow I may have them write about their fears…make their own list.  Then we will attempt to overcome these things toward summer break just like in the book….ha ha!  I also want us to do some art with this.  Maybe make sculptures with casting material.  Dunno.

SO I need to go to bed. I am wiped out. Kick boxing class Saturday for the first time….I LOVED IT!!!..really KICKED MY BUTT!!! I WAS SO SORE! I could barely move on Sunday. If someone had simply blown on me I would have fallen over.  Yes. I will go again next Saturday before I come home to your SkYPE. DO you want to invite Samantha to come to our house for the skype? I am fine with that.

Take care. I love you so much! See you on SKYPE ON SATURDAY AT 11:30 am. Utah time.

Lovingly, -Mom


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