Email to My Not So Green Italian Son: Somewhere Over the Rainbow in Malta

a rainbow

On Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 4:32 AM, Heidi Robertson <> wrote:

Dearest Anziano Robert……son Donavon,

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  I am thinking of that green 5K shirt you got that time with Justin.  Sometimes I wear it. I am wearing a lot of green to school today.  I am also thinking of racing to the end of a rainbow. I am wondering what the pot of gold will be.  Maybe going to Italy with you in little over a year. We have received rain this last week. No rainbows.  I do not need this visual to remember God’s promises.  I just need to remember to OBEY His commands.
 The weather swings from cold and winter, to spring and warmer.  Last couple of days were so nice and I went running the Dam loop, some four miles each time.  I run and walk this. I absolutely love this!  It is glorious being outside, and I have grown to really love this activiity with or without dogs and dad.  Dad tries to keep up.  The dogs leave me in the dust. When you get home we should go running together.
I have also been swimming hard. Delanie informed me that she will be swimming next year in high school rather than hang out with mean girls in pursuing drill team.  I think she should try out for the Esaunas and see what happens, but I will love having her with us on the swim team.  Devon will be a senior swimmer and Delanie a freshman. The only one missing will be you. Can’t believe this children reality. I don’t feel old. I feel alive in your adventures.  It won’t be long until Delanie will be going to early morning drivers ed. and driving too!  Wow!
I missed hearing from you last week.  I trust all is well with your busy self.  I made a big spotlight poster to appease the women at Relief Society.  They celebrated the birthday of the organization and wrote cards and letters to the missionaries, I guess.  That was the plan.  I wouldn’t know for sure.  Dropped off the poster last Sunday. Instead, I went to McTeacher Night and thoroughly reveled in greeting students and families with big smiles and small lopsided ice cream cones.  I got better at the cone making as the night progressed and even learned how to make shakes and blizzards.  Devon would have enjoyed the oreo ones.
Please bring me up to speed on you missionary adventures.  This would truly be golden.
Wax Museum was Friday.  This was great.  Opera is moving forward well.
On a sadder note….
Bishop Casper’s wife Jane found out a couple days ago that she has a serious condition:  Clear Cell Carcinoma of two vital organs. Still she got up and sang with the bunch during the rest hymn today. The ward held a special fast last night. I did not know about this thing as I am never in the loop for anything church.  I don’t talk to anyone except two year olds.  Mind my own business mostly.  
Delanie and I want to give Jane a copy of the Gersen Diet Book and the CDs of Rhonda Byrne’s The Power.  I believe in the power of love, of positive, of the Grace and healing of Christ.  You have likely experienced these things in the time you have been in Italy, or at other times in your life.  I would love to hear about it some time.
The Young Men and Young Women sang a song about Coming to Christ and Allowing His Grace to work in you.  It was really nice.  They filled the whole stand… many, some of which will be leaving on missions soon…this summer.  Bear is going to Russia and Ethan  is going to Pittsburg, Pa.  in July.  Our school nurse has a son who is going to Russia soon.  He works for the government, not sure doing what, top secret stuff.  Russia is a scarey place now days.  I pray they are all kept safe.
Hey,  your friends in Crotone posted something on you missionary facebook.
Dad will be going to dialysis machine training in the next month in Philladelphia, Pa.  I hope I can go with him.  I am going to Arizona in April to visit Cheryl and Justin for a weekend, and to attend the Mesa Temple Easter Pageant.  Looking forward to this.
Not much else.  I love you and wish you all the best in your work.  Love the people.  You are a magnet.  Love will return to you. 🙂
Love, Mom.
My Dear Mother:)
I love you so much!!! I am sorry that I didn’t email last week:P I don’t know what happened. I think it must not have sent:P Anyway!
This week was great! I got to see the first baptism of my mission which was of this woman named Mandy. She is so amazing and she will be such a blessing to the branch.
The branch here is super small, just like Gela and Crotone branches were. But it will grow this summer with the arrival of all of the vacationers and retired people with summer homes here. Most of our active members are from England and it is always fun trying to understand them when they speak and to hear all kinds of new slang and expressions that they use:) haha.
It is starting to heat up here in Malta. I am excited for April General Conference and also for the time to arrive when we can remove our jackets for the summer. I am excited to hear that you have been running and being outside in the sunshine:) Every morning me and my companion run for our exercise:) It is great, I love it:)
Today for our p-day adventure we went to the south-east part of the island to a place called Dingley Cliffs. It is beautiful, but mostly because it is called Dingley. hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! No, but really, it is a beautiful place. The cliffs are really high and the sea is so calm and clear. I love the Mediterranean!!!!
Next week we get to fly to Catania in Sicily for our Mission Tour. It will be great and there will be like half of the mission there!! I am really excited!!
I love you so much mom!!!!
-Love, Elder Robertson 

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