Email from the Cowgirl in Calgary, eh?


Dear Readers,

I though I would post this email from Brocston, my missionary nephew in Calgary, Canada. My Italian son averages about three sentences lately…..and no stories.  This concerns me a bit.  I hope he is not depressed, rather, just really busy. Still, Donavon’s lack of writing is a rather dull reality. So, here is an alternative in my nephew, Brocston.  He is the boy I made a strange Jello salad for at his farewell party. The Jello salad was kind of a joke played on other nephews.  More like a dessert than a salad, with GIANT marshmellows instead of miniature ones. ha ha. So fun to see lunchers reaction when they dipped up those big balls of marshmellow goo. ha ha.

I am also reminded that this nephew, Brocston, is the one that when about 13 years old used to hate camping and made life miserable for everyone else with tent stakes in the experience.  ha ha  Camping in the summer in Wyoming more like a tropical pic nic compared to the “Hell frozen over” temps in Calgary this winter. Wow. May God provide for this sweet boy. I especially love the part of this email that speaks of retaliation against a certain Canadian mice infestation. You will understand why I appreciate this section when I repost a crazy advertisement that I wrote once for a mouse trap. This ad written as a kind of tongue in cheek response to a ridiculous statement made by a local recycle Utah woman. ha ha. But first things first. Yeehaw! Stampeding to Calagary!


February 3, 2014

Dear Family,

It has been a cold week up here in Calgary and more snow. I love it. I feel like the weeks go by faster and faster as long as I work hard even though its freezing cold and we have to do alot of street contacting and tracting in this weather. This week we averaged 10 Km a day walking.. I know its not much but in this weather it is ha. It has averaged -16c without wind chill. The feels like factor with wind chill was -27c. I miss you very much family and am very happy that you are all such good friends to me. I love you guys.

This week we picked a mouse trap by the name of THE RAT ZAPPER. It is a rectangular like hall way for a mouse to go into and when it does it electricutes the crap out of it! literally ha..  We caught a pretty big mouse with it this week so that was good. ha The next day after we got that crazy mouse killer the exterminators came because it wasn’t just us there was an infestation of mice in the whole apt. haha Today I think they are coming to fix the huge hole underneath our bathroom cabinet sink that the mice have been getting in through.

Anyways, so last week I forgot to mention Jerry came to church with me and Elder Maf haha it was great to have him come with us. He told us he felt the spirit very very strongly which is great. The funny thing is that he had us and brother tomie our ward mission leader pick him up at Tim Hortons which is the starbucks/krispy creme of canada ha. When we got there he came out with a box of doughnuts and Hot choclates for all of us haha It was fast sunday because of stake conference haha he is such a nice guy. Then do you rmember that new investigator we found on the side of the road that we helped chip all of her ice and shovel out the water from her side walk? Yeah he her name is linda from china. She has lived here for a couple years and she is a massage therapist. We taught her this last saturday night:) She has no idea about God or Jesus Christ she has not knowledge of religion! Not even buddhist like most chinese here ha.. We then felt prompted to invite her to church and she accpeted:) We picked her up for church yesterday and she loved it! Even though she can only understand 70% of the words that come out of anyone’s mouth..ha. On wednesday we met with a less less active woman by the name of sister rheal. She has not been to church in six years and has had missionaries in the past to try to get her to come but, we visited her and taught her about God, our families, prophets, and jesus christ’s earthly ministry and atonment she must have felt the spirit so strong beause she cried the whole entire time ha. We called her to repentance. She came to church yesterday as well. That was pretty cool.

These past two weeks have been very hard to want to work or even be out here ha..but Heavenly father has given me strength to continue to help others come to him and his son jesus christ.. So that is good:) ha I want to share my testimony on the power of God with you all.. Elder Maf and I have had some very very scary stuff happen to us over the past two weeks while we are asleep that have awoken us..I didn’t think that it could be at all possible for stuff like what has happened, to happen to us as missionaies or to anyone else. The lord has protected us and guided us. I will not share/divulge any other information other than the adversary is real and is not a joke or fake. Through the power of god we are able to be protected through Him.

Oh so one night this week me and maf  took cookies to all of our investigators/ less actives. We went to this one apartment that I had never been to before a couple clicks away from our apt. It is a low income government apt that helps those who cannot afford to pay much. We went up to the fourth floor to door 406 that had a Swatstika and hand prints written in some kind of blood on the door. Right then maf said cya later haha. The spirit told me to knock because everyone needs to opportunity to know of the gospel of jesus christ and that god loves them right?.. ha Anyways, when someone answeed the door it was a little east indian girl that had very very dirty clothes on. Right then I said Hey, whats your name? I am Elder Hill. She opened the door a little more and jumped out from behind it and attacked me! ha luckily she was hugging me… She couldn’t of been any older than six. Maf started running back tward me when she jumped at me and it scared the crap out of me as well. She was so cute but lived in poverty.I talked to her for a little bit and ended up finding out they are refugee’s. I asked her to bring her dad to me and she did. I asked him if we could schedule a time to come back and discuss with him about how we can help him improve his relationship with god. He agreed. We are going back sometime this week.

Elder Sunimafileo’s birthday was this tuesday and we celebrated it at the crowell’s house! They made him his favorite cookies and creme cake! it was also the chinese new year so we had some sweet chinese food:) On chinese new year the streets were filled with asians holding inscents outside of the buddhist temples! haha it smelt like inscents outside.

This week I have been studying why did Mormon have such a crappy life when he was doing everything he could to serve the lord and improve the lives of  others, and himself? I feel like my life is very similar to Momon’s other than I have not died yet haha.. Why does the lord allow this to happen to his servants? I can only really narrow it down to two points… I suck and I am not doing good enough for him, and I feel like I am giving my all “even skipping my lunch hour”..And the second point is that He is just trying to strengthen me i guess.. ha..

I got my blood tests all done this week haha they took so much blood haha they took 17ml of blood from my temple “that I have still been sculpting every morning at six O’clock”..btw… No results yet:) My body tempurature was at like 95 F that day maf took my temp but I am doing better. I am drinking lots of water momma dear I promise. I love you guys so so much and really appreciate all that you do for me and the love and support that you continually give me in my life. It is because of you I am still out here. Keep working hard for me guys! I am working hard for you. I missed celebrating the superbowl with you guys so much, it was hard but only one down one to go right?:) I love you so much!


Elder Hill


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