Email to My Italian Son….

I love you so much!!!! I hope that you get feeling better soon!!!
I am excited to hear all about all the things that you are involved in these days!!
As for me, things are starting to get really exciting here in Crotone! We will have the first baptism of 2014 for Crotone this Saturday! Also this will be the first baptism of my mission!!!! The person getting baptized is named Maria Par Monks and she is so great! She is originally from the Philippines but has traveled around the world as an English teacher! She has lived in Italy for 14 years and speaks perfect English and Italian. She has 2 daughters, one is 11 and the other 7. She is so bright and has such a special spirit about her. She will make a huge difference for the branch here! She is so excited for her baptism! She will be baptized in the sea near the archaeological park of Capo Colonna (you should find it on google earth and wikipedia) It is such a beautiful place. She will be baptized by Anziano Jones and Sunday I will confirm her a member of the church and give her the gift of the Holy Ghost! I am so happy that she has made the decision to be baptized and follow Jesus Christ. There really is no way to describe in words the excitement the you feel as a missionary when you can help someone find and accept the true restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is unlike anything else.
I love you so much mom!!!!!!! Let me know how the swim team does! I would love a PDF of some results of the meets if it isn’t too much:)
Thank you for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Your son, Anziano Donavon McKay Robertson
January 20, 2014

Dear Anziano Robertson,

How are you Donavon?  I have nearly overcome the N1H1 flu virus.  I hope you have come through unscathed.  I did not work much last week. Home in bed sleeping and hacking up a lung.  I am much improved though, annnnnnnnnnd… I have written a lot during this time.  Fun.  Also, Cheryl and I have been cutting the opera down to size AGAIN.  I think we nearly have it.  Gotta move forward on this.  David Naylor comes on Tuesday to record the kids melodic ideas.
I spoke with Cheryl today.  Missionary work is such an integral part of the lives of Saints in Peoria, AZ.  It is truly a mission field, white and already to harvest.  The members are crucial in finding and teaching with the missionaries.  I remember this thing when I was a child in Texas.  Riding around on HOT Sunday afternoons while mom and dad “visited” members, non-members, part member families.  We were latch car kids.  I have some good stories that would be fun to share in the company of Rock. Yes. Missionary work is not a way of life in many parts of LDS Utah, aside from sending and welcoming missionaries from and to home.  I haven’t been to church much.  Still listen to those audio messages I told you about.  They are realy good. I also follow several Christain blogs of a variety of faiths.  Love the music posts of Christian Rock.  What’s new in Catholicism?  I follow the blog of an Romanian/Italian writer/artist who lives in Rome, Italy. Valeriu DG Barbu.  Another Portugese writer who lives in London. And other favorites from all over.  Writing is such fun.
How is the work progressing?  Please share stories. I would like to think that a great work is commencing with you and yours in Italy.  If you don’t share your stories, your time away from me is nothing more than a vacuum.  Please, share. I remember receiving Jason’s few aerogram letters.  This was fun.  Dad and I were doing missionary work in the Ward and Stake back then.  It made for a great connection with Jason, something not easily done with him as he is a very closed person toward us. I really miss you.
Justin called today.  Don’t know much.  He’s paying off some hospital bill from Utah and training for a half marathon with Robert.
Dad went to church.  He brought home a hand written note from Mike Collins regarding my talking over him that Sunday when we reported on our missionary children.  The note said his only regret toward me was that I didn’t speak ten or more minutes longer.  He was disappointed he didn’t get off the hook from speaking that day.  It was a nice acknowledgement of a crazy happening. Now I can laugh.  I couldn’t back when it happened. I felt very badly for my clueless behavior. ha ha.
I will attach something I have written.  Les Mis is this week.  Devon is not well.  Dress Rehearsal tomorrow.  Hope she can finish out the performances.  Looking forward to viewing Les Mis on the 27th with Dad, Delanie, Clint, and Suni.  I will let you know how it turns out. I will tell Samantha Hi as well.  Devon has applied to do a study abroad in Japan this summer.  I hope she gets the scholarship and is able to do this thing.  She would do well to have an adventure.  Me too on the high seas ~~~&~~~
What’s new?  Back to school on Tuesday.  I also registered for a free online NovoEd class called Storytelling for Change.  It is a six week thing.  Hope I haven’t bitten off too much.This class employs collaborative team work.  My group is me, two people from the Netherlands, one from India, one from Venezuela, and not sure….maybe someone from Egypt.  I think the team leader was going to close the group soon.  There are over thirty different teams under construction.  I don’t know how it will work with skype or gmail, or google+ group video or what.  We are all at different time zones, etc.  We are going to try to conference on Saturday at 4 pm London time….9 am Utah, I think.  We’ll have to see.
 I need to figure out what my presentation topic will be.  I am excited to learn about others across the globe and to learn more technology.  This is good for me motivationally, I hope I don’t make myself sick again though.  I need to turn off the computer more these days and go outside in the sun.  Seriously.  I never thought I would say this about me and my obsession with the blog, internet, classes, school, social media.  Crazy.  I will find balance.  I will do it. Can’t wait to get swimming again. Swim season will be over in a few weeks. I missed two meets last week because I was so ill. Devon and the team continue to do well even in the absence of my cheering…..ha ha.
I love you.  Please let your light shine.   Have a great week Donavon!   Love, Mom.

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