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A Love Poem: What About the Belly?

Love and life are not particularly kind or partial to the belly More so to the breast buttocks   Looking back These got the looks So many open to these finer points But bellies, no. They are passed by.   … Continue reading

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Oh, NO! I Am Probably Getting High on Sharpies!

I am at the kitchen table amid Tums, pineapples, and sundry sharpies. Also are some uncooked, anatomically correct yams that I won at the swim team white elephant a month ago. We are eating sugar cones and fresh pineapple for … Continue reading

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On Death Row & the Spinning Color Wheel of Life

We put ourselves on death row in the thought processes we perpetuate. We do this in the lies that we subscribe to about ourselves, and that we spread to others like manure, through our sometimes faulty words and actions. We … Continue reading

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El Diablo: The First Day of Mexican School

Storytelling for Change School has mostly been a positive influence in my overall development, but there have been a couple of frightening episodes in the scope and sequence in which I have brushed up against another kind of school entity, … Continue reading

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Dog And Me

Originally posted on allaboutmanners:
I only have a group of three, me, my dog, my dog and me It’s a lonely way to be, me, my dog, my dog and me We are a safe with no key, me, my dog, my dog…

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TUT, TUT. WHEN IT LOOKS LIKE RAIN, OPEN A RED UMBRELLA AND LOOK FOR HONEY   Oh Say Do I See Metaphors and Meanings…Even in Disney. My daughter changes the channel to the end of a VHS, Winnie the Pooh … Continue reading

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No, Ma’am! Jack Black Mammogram

I ran across this picture of Jack Black getting a mammogram.  Laughed my butt off for a minute, until…I remembered. I may have been 37.  I just remember I was younger than the recommended age for getting the first mammogram. … Continue reading

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