To My Italian Son….after Christmas



Dear Anziano Robertson,

Hi. Don.  It was so good to Skype with you on the 26th.  Great to see you and to hear you…even if the connection kept cutting out, and your lip syncing was off. ha ha… Good to see and know you are well and happy. Skyping is like seeking a sign, and getting a calling and election made sure! ha ha… I have developed a new appreciation for you and a testimony that someone must have been inspired in this thing to allow communication of this nature only twice a year.  I fear if I were to see and hear from you more…..I might be a real wreck.  They say…”Out of sight, out of mind.” Kind of a blessing really.  This not necessarily true for me though,  as I am a visual person.  But the rules help keep things in control I’m sure.

I am proud of you and how you have come to rely on the Lord.  I’m glad you have learned the art of making peace, and of serving and loving others, including your companions.  Especially in relationships with the people.  Italy sounds wonderful in all its forms. Remember:  The worth of souls is great, regardless of any visible, or measurable outcomes in terms of baptisms or mission goals.  If you can live and love as Christ does/did, then you have succeeded in HIS terms.  God will bless you. You will be filled with His spirit.  You will feel true joy in this, sleep well at night, and be protected.  Keep the Big Picture in Mind.  Thank you for being my son and a great example of service and sacrifice to me. You would probably agree that in truly loving….love is no sacrifice at all. 🙂

I went to see Samantha a couple of nights ago on the way to Morgan to see Granny.  Sam was down flat on the couch in the basement family room. Jake and Luke running as they do in play.  Brooke was home.  Morgan’s 2-year-old visiting.  Guess Morgan just had a new baby girl. Sam’s dad is great.  Doesn’t say much. Her mom super nice.  The family was watching movies in front of the roaring wood burning stove.  Good times

Not so great for our girl though. She is healing, yes….but it is such a long recovery.  Sore armpits.  Bruised hands.  Darn crutches!  She is on an ice machine that continuously pumps cooling relief to the incision site. Sore. Stiff.  Bedsores….jk….not bedsores.   Sam is enduring the best she can.  Mostly down. Occasionally up on crutches.  Attempting play practices a bit.  I think she gets extremely bored at home just watching movies and playing iPod games

 I told her and her mom all about our Skype. They enjoyed this a lot. I told her that you wear the Lord of the Rings ring she gave you.  That I saw it on your finger, on the Skype screen.  Good response to this.  She does not volunteer much as far as feelings for you or anything much, unless I question.  I am good at questioning as you know, but I was kind. Did not probe.  This is not my business.  I joked and we laughed.  It was a good visit.  I might drop off some books on cd.  I hope it was okay that I just showed up unannounced. I like to do this.  Probably not considerate, but it felt really good.  Sometimes you just have to go with the feeling and hope it’s right.  Right?

Went to see Granny next.  I sent something that I wrote about this.

I spent the afternoon with Suni & Clint on Friday.  They came to Wanship.  We had Einstein bagels, sat around and talked for a long time.  Laughed.  Suni and I went for a walk up the back road in full sunlight.  Warmed up and was so beautiful.  Took the dogs. They ran off as they do, but came back later.  People out ice fishing on Rockport.  Clint may be getting a job with Union Pacific.  Hope so so their life can move forward toward plans of a home and children.  Suni longs for his financial help.

Then on Saturday I went to SLC.  I surprised Suni with tickets to Pioneer Valley Theater.  We went to the U of U, where we saw Buddy The Elf.  It was so much fun.  He reminds me of me sometimes.  Over the top in loving, laughing, singing, and goofing.  Childish.  Elf is Suni’s favorite Christmas movie.  I think I will buy this and give it to Samantha for some laughs…even if it is after Christmas.  No matter.  I think Christmas should be all year any way…at least in the way we approach relationships.

Swim team tomorrow.  Glad for this.  I have been writing a ton.  Missed church.  Devon went.  Dad and Devon went to tithing settlement.  Guess we settled up okay.  Today dad and I took a walk with the dogs.  Same place….back road.  Love it.

Please tell me stuff. I will go to the bank tomorrow and deposit money.  Hope all is well this week.  Even though it has been only a few days, it feels like weeks since the Skype.  Crazy mother’s heart!  I love you, Donavon.    -Mom 🙂 ❤


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