Email From My Italian Son: True North in Southern Italy

kids in street
From: Donavon McKay Robertson <>
To: Heidi Robertson <>
Date: 12/30/2013 03:56 AM
Subject: Re: Email to My Italian Son 12/29/13
My Dear Mother,
I love you so much and I thank you so much for you beautiful words and genuine emotion behind them:) I could read your works of art for days:)
I loved being able to skype with you and the rest of the family so much!!! It really is an experience that I liken to a vision. The mission is like a new life. You are born into a world that you know nothing about and have never seen. You are away from your creators and your normal comfortable home. You have to suffer a little bit, but you learn and grow so much. Every week the one hour of email time is like a prayer that brings peace and some time to reflect and communicate. And every 6 months the skype call is like having the heavens be opened and being able to speak face to face with the ones you know. And after 2 years, you die, and go through the tunnel towards the light and descend on the sacred escalator at the SLC international airport and are reunited once more, never to be separated again:)
I hope that was some good imagery!:D
Things are still good here in Crotone. Being a part of the branch here is unlike anything I have ever experienced. There are so many interesting elements to the social dynamic of this branch. I am still trying to figure it all out, but unfortunately I don’t think I ever will. haha:) Let’s just say that here we are full time missionaries and part time keepers of the peace. I hope that we can help the members here to learn and grow, because without strong existing members it is much more difficult to make new ones. But we can just keep doing our best!:)
Thank you so much for visiting Samantha!!:D That seriously means so much to me:) And you are right, sometimes you just have to drop in and surprise people. I do that as a missionary all the time;) Thank you for spending time with her and staying close to her:) That is something that I miss greatly. Please continue to be there for her and remind her of the love that we all have for her:)
Have a happy new year and remember that I love you sooooooo much!!!!!!!:D
-Ciao ciao for now, Anziano Robertson

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