E-mail to My Italian Son…December 9th

Dear Anziano Robertson,

Sorry.  It is very late….like 1:00 a.m here.  I should be asleep.  I have been writing the 4th grade opera tonight…and you are in for an EAR FULL.   Taking what the kids have written and putting it into something that is intelligible.  I love this but it is so much work.I am trying to be true to the kids’ writing.  To guide with fidelity.  Hmm.  We shall see.  I love writing so much though.  Something takes over.  Difficult to explain.  Still need much input from the kids.  It will take several days yet. All will be as it should.  There will be time as I make it happen. 
I have had the hardest time getting moving on this thing.  I think this is partly because the story will be more information based, with some tie into science water cycle. Want to justify doing the arts across the curriculum in the event that doing this comes into question.  A more serious piece than we have ever done before.  To this point our creations have been purely fantasy, and whimsical.  It will be good for me/us to do serious.  Timely.  Last year’s was a total spoof.  Fun.  Funny. Commentative on doping in the Olympics. That’s okay, I will learn new things in this.  I was feeling so stiffled for the longest time.  Now I have a direction and a plan.  This helps.  The creative proces too:
This reads a lot like some very familiar scriptures, eh?
It is also tied to the Law of Attraction, a favorite of mine.
I was struggling in the asking.  So I finally prayed about it.
I was struggling in the believing.  So I admitted this to someone.  That I was stiffled.  That I knew that I just needed to believe and take a step of faith in ACTING in some way. It helps to have someone to talk to.  I don’t have anyone at the school who does opera with me.  Cheryl is in Arizona, and I don’t want her to feel bad in bringing it up.  I guess I just had to hear someone say, “I know you can do it. I know you will do it.” In essence, “I believe in what you are doing.”
So I finally jumped into writing with the kids.  We read some information. I showed them a few dvd clips of Dances With Wolves to get them into the Native American feel and tradition for point of view and mindset.  Played some Native American flute music on Pandora.  Attended some awesome school wide assemblies….since it is the 100 year Celebration of the School District this year. This has all been helpful. Found some authentic Native American stories reflecting tradition and cultural aspects.  
What I have written so far has a good feel to it, and reads in a storytelling tradition.  Music will enhance greatly.  Also want to work in more drum, and flute parts for kids.  They are learning recorders in music and David Naylor could easily write some simple repetitive parts for recorder.  All very exciting prospects for this vision.  
The lyrics to the finale song are kind of long.  May need to pare this down.  It’s doable though and always carries the message, or morale.  Kind of my last word on the thing.  This has worked so far over the years.  I never know if I am doing this the right way.  I just fumble along doing it my way.  Good enough.
The Opera will be Native America and what it means to be a Brave.  To be brave rather……brave in showing mercy and love rather than judgement and retribution….ties in nicely with Christianity and Christmas I think.  It will be wonderful.  Hope it will not be too long.  I tend to get long winded…..well, you know this.  The kids always amaze me in what they can do…write, memorize, sing, etc.  They will buy in more and more as we move forward.  Especially when I give them the audio CD to learn.  But first we need to get it written, and the score composed so we can learn the songs in the new year.  David Naylor will write the music this year. I just love his work, and he is terrific with the kids when he comes to recording them. He seems to speak their language.
The school website has been down all day.  I am writing this on GMail.  Hope it works.  I was supposed to get with a WordPress Blogger teacher today, but that didn’t work out.  He is helping me to get more focused and to learn more blog stuff.  Oh well.  The main thing is that I got a bunch done on the Opera.  I am feeling so much better and can now breath in doing regular teaching stuff.
Swim team is great.  We had two meets last week.  Tuesday- South Summit, Emery, and us.  NS girls won. Lost boys by only a few points.  Emery on Friday. Oh was this ever a long trip!  But great.  A Dual meet.  NS Girls took first by about twelve points.  Our boys lost by about the same.  So exciting.  It came down to the last 400 free style relay.  We lost on the touch.  Poor Sam Crittendon felt so bad.  It was really exciting! I lost my voice.  We are doing very well, I think. Devon is getting better too.  Arial is rocking it!  Averaging 26 sec. in her 50 free sprint.  Hudson too!  Ben Lomand on Tuesday this week.  Next week Delta and then on to Tooele Invitational.  The season is flying by. I miss seeing you swim.
Before we know it, it will be Christmas, and we will be skyping……and then it will be your one year mark.  Hooray!  
Tell me stuff. You are so few on words!  Come on Don!  Please.
It has been super cold.  Like -15 below zero here.
I did not make church because I have been sick with fever and headache since getting home from Emery.  But I did listen to some audio sermons of Pastor Fine.  He is awesome.  He is back from India now.  I listened to three Sunday messages.  It is always a week behind…..so I will have to wait five to seven days before I will hear today’s message.  Oh well.  I hope this doesn’t bother you.  Please keep an open mind.  There is much goodness and truth in his messages.  It speaks to me.  I guess Devon taught a lesson at church today.  She made brownies for YWomen this morning and it smelled so good to wake up to.  I missed the nursery kids, but though it better to not expose them to whatever this is.
I am thinking I should check on the internet for info about the BAPTIST reinactment you and Kyler and I went to last year.  I want to do that again with dad and the girls maybe.
What is Christmas like in Italy?!  You need to tell me stuff.  I want to share things with my students, Don!  Time is flying with only a few weeks until the break!
Please know that I love you very much.  What is your best mailing address these days in case I want to send a written letter, or card, or caramels, or something?
ASK> BELIEVE> RECEIVE……I can only hope you accomodate this process so I can truly RECEIVE some information.  Help me to help you to help me…..uh, YES!  I am saying you need to work on written communication DON!  If it helps…do it in Italian!  I will interpret somehow.
Do what you can.  You know I love you.  Have a great week.  Love, Mom 🙂

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