Electronic Hugs to my Italian & Phillipino Sons

Dear Anziano Robertson, Dear Elder Newton,

Hey ho!  How are you both?  I was at Staples late Friday night scrambling to get the color copies for the Missionary Christmas Spotlight.  Saw J.R.’s mom, Sonia, there.  Half expected to look up like old times and see “the boys.” ha ha….Greg in the copy center with Patty.  Don in Easy Tech, Zach on the floor, or down the isles stocking, Sully, Joe, Brian, Tonya, Theresa.  As it turned out, Theresa was in the copy center.  She was very nice.  She said that you (Don) sent the Staples gang an email recently.  Somehow this was lost in the shuffle and workload.  I told her I would forward some pics.  Also say Patty on Saturday.  Turns out, Tonya transfered to a different store in the valley.  Theresa gave me a healthy discount.  Nice! 🙂  Patty gave me a free lamination of a really cool over size poster 3′ x4′ of the Counties of Utah over the last Hundred Years or so, clear back to territorial times.  Very cool!  
         So….here’s to efficiency.  Betty Jo Staples put the books together in one day.  Got them to the different LDS Wards for distribution today.  It is an awesome compilation.  I am thinking of scanning it and sending it digitally.  What do you think?  Rather than mail it to you, just for you to mail it back.  Senseless really, right?  
         Church was good.  The YM & YW sang a song, “Arise and Shine Forth.”  I commented to Dennis Pace, who sat next to me that everyone should learn the lyrics, the song…..such a good message.  I would like a copy of this.    
          We had our first swim meet in SLC against Roland Hall, SS, and Oakley School.  Nice showing.  32 NS swimmers.  We held our own nicely.  Ariel carved out a nice open 50 at 26 seconds; Hudson about the same.  He is fast in both sprints and in endurance….wants to be a 500 swimmer.  He actually was kicking at the meet.  Think how good he would be if he did that every day.  We have an exchange student, “Teffy,”  Stephanie Abudala from Brazil who is a junior, and competed in Nationals in her country last year in the breast stroke.  Very promising.  morgan did well.  Devon too. She cut off two seconds from last years best BS time.  I am very pleased.  Told Fawcett to talk to Hendry about getting a Pace Clock.
       School is good.  Trying to move on the opera writing and still maintain fidelity in my regular instruction.  Will likely be evaluated this week by the Principal.  One full week of school this week, and then only two days next week.  Must get tons done in so little time.  Wow!  Are you still thinking of being an educator?
        Lots of sickness at school.  I am holding on.  Need more sleep.  Up late too often.  Sprained my ankle a week ago Friday.  This has slowed me down.  Caused me to appreciate things I take for granted.  Back to swimming and running again soon I hope.  I love these things so very much and they help my sanity.  Snow. ha ha but a little sun this afternoon.  Didn’t get out in it though. Took a nap.  I know right!  Hard to believe as I RARELY EVER DO THIS THING.  Felt good though….and cleansing to the mind that rarely ever shuts off.
            Love you so much.  
           Jason and Justin are coming to Utah for Thanksgiving.  Likely go to Marcy’s on Thursday.  Our own dinner on Sunday.  Suni and Clint to come up.  Maybe shoot shotguns. Dunno.
             Is there such a thing as Thanksgiving in Italy?  Do the people ever eat poultry, turkey much there?  I will certainly be thinking of you.  Already hit up Clint and Suni for Thanksgiving 2015….this will be the Goodman Year….ha ha, but they assured that they will make it work.  Already making plans to share this meal with you Donavon.  🙂  Won’t be long until your half way point.  
               What is happening with you and the work in Crotone? Is there anything you NEED or WANT from us?  Did you buy some suits?  People are often making jokes about you teaching the Pope.  Especially Fawcett.  Cynthia asked for your email.  She wants to send a note or something….probably pictures of their baby.  He weighs about fifty pounds and not a year yet. Mucho gordo!  ha ha.  He is cute and has funny non expressions.  Sometimes he is at practice and Fawcett is holding him on the deck, and Connor drops a chew toy on the filthy wet floor and he picks it up and shoves it back in his mouth.  Pretty funny.  Cynthia would freak if she saw this maybe.  ha ha.
              I have not seen or heard much from Samantha.  The play, and Subway the common multiple in time.  Devon probably sees her more.
             Today at church I thought of you.  I was sitting in the overflow, folding chair section.  The Hansen’s behind us.  The older brother, the one who served in the Philipinnes kept tapping his foot, drumming his fingers.  It was a trigger for me for some reason.  Reminded me of times at home when this would bother you about me.  Hmmm.  I miss the dumb little things like this.  I am glad you are happy in what you have chosen.  Nothing could be more valuable in doing than to serve others with love….and to bring souls to Christ.  Major theme of today’s sermons- Turning Hearts.  Hearts to Christ, hearts of children to fathers, fathers/mothers to children.  Hearts to hearts across the world.  This is what you and so many other servants of various Christian congregations, denominations are doing. Doing good among men and women.  Taking and bringing good tidings to all people.    
               I listen to the electronic audio version of a local Pastor, Scott Fine, of Mountain Life Church, Park City.  He is traveling in India/Pakistan this month.  Someone else filing in.  Not the same.  It is fun to visit in person, as there is a live band that plays Christian rock music. I love this very much.  
                Spoke with Rock yesterday.  He was driving home from AF Guard.  He did very well on the PT test.  Twenty or more years of service. Today he was qualifying in shooting/ Urban Assault riffle?  Not really up on this.  They are hosting Troy and two truck drivers for Thanksgiving.  
Brocston is doing great.  His companion is Adam Hunt (from Coalville many years ago.)  Adam struggles with depression.  Please pray for him.
                We are all well enough off.  Thank you for all you do Donavon. I miss you but sometimes feel you are nearer than I know.  Thanks for the prayers.  The Lord is my light.  I need to remember Him more.
                That is about it.  I am glad all missionaries in the Phillipines are accounted for.  Look forward to hearing from Kyler.  ha ha  Cute Kyler on the Pursuit of Happiness.  I think he, and you have found it.  
                 Love you all so much!   Much love,  Mom…..Heidi of Want-a Sheep, Utah 🙂  Baaaaaa baaaaa.

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