Missionary in a Foreign Land

Dear Anziano Robertson, & Elder Newton 🙂 ha ha  HI! from Want-a- Sheep, Utah

Today is Sunday, October 27th.  It is nearly bedtime.  I am trying to set limits for myself in an effort to feel better.  So…it’s back to the 9 pm bedtime during the school year as I was accustomed to in the past.  I slip slided away from this during the summer as I was under the influence of Baccus (jk) and the Muse of Writing.  Any way…..we are all well enough off.  Delanie had a 14th birthday.  Devon has a 17th Birthday on Tuesday.
Saturday I went to a UEN Lesson Plan Review Work Session for eight hours with Julie Marsh and about twenty other teachers from all over Utah.  My group was me, a new 4th grade teacher from Juab, and a veteran 6th grade teacher from St. George.  It was good.  I learned a lot about the Common Core Standards and Objectives.  Basically all the stuff that should be included in a good lesson plan.  There is opportunity to do more of this under contract pay.  Also, an opportunity in the near future to be part of a writing team to produce a 3-6 grade supplimental science book.  There is no unified, common science resource book available to date.  At NS Elem, we lack curriculum, resources, and know how in general.  Need an over haul for sure.  So…This could be a really exciting project.  Requires four school days off though, finding substitutes, driving to SLC, dunno.  I love writing though.  This would teach me a lot about so many things.  It is exciting to be part of a grass roots movement to affect positive change in Utah Science education. I learned that there are amazing, dedicated, articulate individuals on all levels.  Even at the Utah State Office of Education.  Sarah Young,  is one of these. She could help me change my thinking about authority figures.  She genuinely seems to value teachers, and wants to improve science learning for students.  Former science classroom teacher.   So, I may do this thing.  Maybe.  Why not?
We went to dinner and to Dracula the Musical at the Kamas Reel Theater last night.  Low budget….strange production.  Devon, Afton Ritzman, and Delanie liked it.  Dad…..tolerated it.  I fell asleep within fifteen minutes and then let at intermission to sleep in the car.  Rough, exhausting week.  There were two redeeming graces to the production however. 1.) the organ grinder accumpanist…the music very cool 2.) the technology…projected scenery was way cool.  Otherwise it felt a lot like a high school musical on a tiny postage stamp stage with poor lighting and no microphones or sound system for actors. Hard to hear……which made for exellent sleeping.  Still, I guess an admirable effort.  Nice to see people using the old theater.  I love Kamas.  We had hamburgers, fries and rootbeer floats at the Drug Store.  A first for me.  Actually….I had a salad. The rootbeer float was homemade rootbeer…..so it was made with love, I’d like to think.
I went to see Granny (Ella Adkins) tonight at Family Tree in Morgan.    This hour and a half felt good.  I fell asleep on her bed.  We both took a nap for about 30 minutes….her in the chair…..me on the bed.  She doesnt’ wear her brown wig anymore.  She just holds it on her lap. I freaked out the aide when she saw a body lying on the bed!  ha ha.  Granny and I both decided this is good for the help to be surprised once in a while.  Granny says “Hi.”  She slips in and out of knowing.  At one time she told me, “I have two missionaries out…Donavon in Rome, and Chandler, Helen and Bob’s boy in Louisianna.”  She is cute.  We had dinner in her room.  She had a warmed “Boost,” and I had a bowl of Campbell’s tomato soup and a sinfully greasy grilled cheese sandwich (on the house).  We agreed that I will do this from time to time.  The administration allows for this digression.
Granny always wants to know who has died. Sad.  It is so very predictable now. And depressing.  I told her…”You ask me that every time. Sorry no bad news 🙂 only GOOD NEWS for you!”  I tried to talk her into going for a ride with me in the new car “Pearl.”  She has not left the facitliy in two years.  I said, “You are afraid, aren’t you?”  She was a bit taken back, and looked sad.  I wish I had not said this thing.  She  said, “I don’t want to fall down.”  I said, “I will be with you, silly.  I won’t let anything happen to you.  You will be riding in the car….that’s all.  There is a lot of good stuff outside of here…..like sunshine, and fresh air, and so on.”   I could tell she needed time to wrap her head around this, so I let her off the hook.  “Maybe another time,” I said.  “Let’s just visit.”
Also predictable…….she tells me the sad story of how her pony, “Sailor” broke his leg in stepping in a potgut hole down in what used to be the oats field, and Grandpa Don had to put down the horse.  Granny was about 12 years old and wept for weeks. I can empathized with this.  Reminds me of Elvie’s death.  Enough about death!
I also learned that Granny traveled a ton in her younger days.  Her husband, John (Bus) Adkins was some big wig President of the largest Mink auction in the world called Hudson Bay.  She traveled all around the world with him everywhere drumming up the mink business.  This probably over sixty years ago.  Dunno.  She has been to every country but South Africa and there was one more. Dunno.  She has even been to the middle east.
Also…..Granny and Bus adopted/sponsored  three or four kids from the Philippines.  A missionary from there came to Coalville and asked people to sponsor these kids.  They were starving over in the Phillippines.  So Bus and Granny  did.  Brought over 3 teens, raised them, sent them to BYU.  Saved their lives.  Who would have know this?    Amazing.
So Granny and I took a nap, visited, ate supper, and then I read a chapter of “THE FOUR AGREEMENTS”  by Don Carlos Ruiz, an ancient TOLTEC WISDOM book, to her. I think she kind of liked it.  Not her usual read,  I suspect.  Suprised she went for it, because she doesnt’ listen to much other than the Ensign, scriptures, conference talks.  Hey, sounds like the missionary life, huh?  You should read the book I mentioned when you get home.
Tonight I was listening to a speaker talk about Paul among the  Phillipians and Romans.  Guess Paul wrote like 13 books in the Bible.  He was in Italy a lot.  He was in prison in Rome.  Taught and converted many to Christianity.  Praised God even in prison.  Taught of love. Taught of forgiveness.   So I need to read some of this.  Do you know much about the teachings and travels of the apostle Paul?  You should learn this.
I would love to hear you teach some lessons some time.  You are probably much more confident now. Can’t wait to skype on Christmas!
That’s about it.  I am past my bed time and will have to write the blog tomorrow.  I love you.
PS-  So…..I need some photos and stories from you.  Not sure when the Staples lady needs these things…..but ASAP please.  Delanie is working on making your track and swim pics into jpegs or something to send them to you.
What is new with you?  Seriously!  You must write more than two lines, Don!         LOVE, Mom……aka  Heidi of the Mountain 🙂

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