Emotional Moguls & Email to my sons….

Sunday, October 20th

Dear Anziano Robertson, (#  hash tag Elder NEWTON too.  ha ha)

Hello.  I love you.  I hope you are having a wonderful week.  Don, your mission president sent us an email regarding your newest opportunity to serve as a district leader. You can do anything….anything in God.  God makes weak things STRONG! I was thinking about you on Friday afternoon.  Actually sharing some of your wonderful qualities with Laura Potter.  We were traveling together to Orem and on to Highland to an amazing two-day class.  Things have not been going all that well for me personally….but things were not going all that well for Mrs. Potter on Friday.  She was stressed out about leaving her daughter, Ashley, alone at home with little to no supervision.  She was running late, which stressed her out, as she has some self magnified issues with reguard to time and being late.  Then, once we were in the Orem valley, things went more wrong for her.  
We arrived at Doterra to pick up some oils orders, only to find out that their internet was down and could not complete our transactions.  In order to help us, we needed a printed copy of our online order, and to pay with a check.  Laura didn’t have this paper work. For some reason, I was able to be positive and provide a possible solution.   I had my laptop and so we walked across the parking lot to Zions Bank where we accessed Laura’s email, and Doterra account.  Then she had a problem in finding what she needed here in these documents.  So we realized we would have to try again the next day.  She was pretty frazzled by this. 
 Then we proceeded to James and Colleen Simmons (the chia seed/ and water filter pole vaulting guy who sells emergency preparedness stuff).  Thankfully I knew exactly where to go…..but she was stressed because we were five or ten minutes off the time schedule.  Then we proceeded to an adress for the class.  Well, my point is…..I kept reassuring Laura that everything would work out as it should.  And it did of course…but it was unneccessarily more painful than it needed to be for my dear friend.  It was kind of amazing that I was able to be positive, because I have been having my own challenges this past week, and to be able to rise to the occasion in having a possitive presence of mind in a time of need was pretty great. To be possitive and helpful……was pretty amazing and appreciated (at least in retrospect by me) I think.    
I told Laura that I was grateful for you Donavon.  Sometimes, when I get rattled, I go to remembering you and your ability to approach a situation calmly and collectedly.  I tell myself and others to “Calm the heck down” with a smile and a little laugh,  in seeking to respond appropriately to what might otherwise be a much more emotionally charged situation than it should be.  Sometimes I get it right.  Thanks to you……I am able to remember this skill at times.  I will try to remember this….this week.
So I shared your gift with Mrs. Potter, and how you have applied this on your mission in working together with your companions, specifically your MTC comp.  I remember you telling me, “I help him to stay calm, and he helps me to learn Itallian.”  Any way….I was grateful for you, and for a chance to be somewhat helpful and positive for Mrs. Potter in a moment that even surprised myself in its happening.  So….God is good…..and the sun shines on both the righteous and the wicked.  ha ha.
 So the class was called “Christ Centered Healing” and was taught by a cranial sacral energy therapist named Kissi Watson.  She is a retired h.s. Algebra teacher turned energy worker.  I told her a bit about you.  Her daughter is/was on a mission in the Phillipines.  Kissi is an amazing person with a deep understanding and relationship with the scriptures.  Her insights on Christ’s teachings were very timely as this past week has been incredibly difficult for me with Parent Teacher Conferences, but mostly because of a poor choice I made  and what this caused and the effects that followed.  This class was literally heaven sent to me, and after the two days  I left the class being reminded that in spite of my weaknesses and sin, I am still loved by God and He wants me to heal and feel His love.  His grace is sufficient.  I also realized I needed a game plan….in time….some strategies, in I may. Encountering the scriptures…feasting on them must figure into this equation. Also, Kissi provided some energetic strategies for this.  This was a quick overview, and I would like more on this.
One technique is a Hawaian based healing called Po Oponopono…which is basically a method which employees a kind of prayer template in which you address God along with the person you have hurt of offended in admitting the wrong, in admitting responsibility for the transgression, and then in asking for forgiveness, and giving gratitude.  I have not tried it out yet, but I will tonight in taking my burden to Heavenly Father….and I think I will also fast with this tomorrow. This can take place face to face, but does not have to.  
Kissi shared an amazing testimonial of the possitive outcome of this Po Oponopono.  So years ago, this Hawaian medicine man became friends with Joe Vitali (one of the wholistic energy powerminds of this century, that appeared in Rhonda Byrnes “The Secret” Documentary movie).  So Joe Vitali shared this true story.  The Hawaian medicine man guy you came up with the Po Oponopono agreed to help a prison warden (forget his name) in charge of  a very scary, mental ward at one of the worst, and serious mental illness incarceration facility somewhere.  It was so scary that employees just would not last here.  In fact, the darkness and evil here so great that the paint would not even stick to the wall.  Kind of reminds me of that creepy movie you and Kyler watched that time.  The one I could not watch, and left.  Still creeped out by that movie selection and that you and Kyler were even viewing it.  Anyway….this warden got with the Hawaian medicine man and started doing this healing.  They simply went through the inmate filing cabinets…..on file at a time, and prayed the prayer and thought positive affirmations, and in time in feeling and projecting LOVE for these inmates………in time, these prisoners were healed.  Within two or three years the placed did a complete 360.  The mentally ill criminals were rehabilitated, released, and the hospital/prison was closed…..in no longer being needed.  Amazing!!!
So, yes…….there you go.
We are well enough.  I saw D.J. Evans mom last week.  D.J is going to the MTC in Mexico City, and then on to Ecuadore in December.  We got a letter in the mail from George Staples mom.  She is collecting stuff to make a Coalville Stake Missionary book.  I need pictures and spiritual stories and update from you so I can make a scrapbook page of you for the book.  I lost the letter, but will find it as soon as possible. So…..yes.  Think about what you would like to send to me in the way of stories, or whatever would most benefit the readers……friends and families and members of Coalville Stake.
I love you so much.  Please pray for me.  Dad and I went to the new Warren Miller movie at the Eccles Center Saturday night.  It was great.  I left thinking, much like one of the featured skiers who said in experiencing Alaska’s Tordrillo Range, “Maybe I’m just not as good as I thought I was.”  For as much beauty as was offered in this viewing, there was also a fair share of bloopers, and crashings, and humblings of professional skiiers and snowboarders…..by these majestic, and brutal international mountain ranges.  Reminds me that in spite of human passion and of making ourselves gods unto ourselves……God is STILL in control…..and God created Nature in all her beauty and furries.  Must remember our limitations and dependency on God.  He knocks us flat so we can be humbled and come unto Christ.  So I am remembering these things this week.  Yes.
Better get a few things done for tomorrow and the work week.  Love you…  Bahhh!  I am glad I can email you.  This always makes me feel better…..in remembering YOU.  You are a real blessing, Don.  🙂  I love you soooooo much. 
PS-  You are a real blessing ELDER NEWTON!!!!  Hope all is well for you.

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