Mother and Son e-Union……October 3, 2013

Mom, I love you so much!!! I am sorry that I don’t write as lengthy letters as you do. haha:) But I promise that I read every single thing you write and love absolutely every word!!!:) Things are still good here!!! Please do me a favor, be with Samantha. She is feeling forgotten by our family so could you please reach out to her? A call, a text, or better yet hang out with her and do something fun! I love you all so much and I am excited to skype you on Christmas!!!! Enjoy conference!!!!! I promise to write more next time!!!!!!!!!!!!
love, Anziano Robertson
On Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 12:13 AM, Heidi Robertson <> wrote:

September 30, 2013

Dear Anziano Robertson,

In typing the date, I just realized today would have been my mother’s birthday.  Grandma T, Teena the Great with her hair curled straight, Green grape, mom. She would have been seventy years old.  Passed away nine years ago this October.  I wonder what she and dad are doing to celebrate.  You know how she stretched the whole thing out…..weeks before AND after.  She was an insufferable child, if there ever was one.  The apple doesn’t fall far.  This is a good thing, I think.  I am wanting to do an intersibling loan of her life’s writing…her journals.  Maybe this summer.  When I have the canvas.  Do you think Rock will go for it?  I will start thinking on this more and more to see if the Law of Attraction will bring these volumes to me.
Ten years ago, you were a cub scout, and  I was finishing my University of Phoenix masters coursework.  Running away, in running to higher education and all it’s rhetoric.  Finished the program with a cheap paper diploma and an expensive $20,000.00 debt, thinking myself a Master of really….nothing. Thankfully a job. A journey.  Owe this to Jimmy Brooks and second chances…and the Law of Attraction. ha ha.  Back then I was running away from the reality of my parents’ demise, and fears of becoming “them.”  Almost ten years later…..I am running toward my future, knowing more of who I am and what I want for happiness.  I am grateful beyond expression.
So today has been a truly Marvelous Monday in doing my best.  The swim couldn’t have been better. Love coming home again to school. Children. Hellos. Smiles. Praised little gifts. Merpuppies. The sunshine seeping into earth. Photosythesizing skin. Grandpa Don’s red plaid pic nic blanket. Lunching with Mrs. Stevens. Devon’s Taco Spaghetti, fruit stand peaches, confirmations of substitute teachers, reading love and book reports, the beginnings of OPERA, MATHS, music, after school solitude.  Looking ahead to packing for a random flight, play days in Cleaveland.  More and more….lesson plans don’t seem so bad, any more than loading and reloading the dishwasher in being grateful that someone is staying behind watching over, cleaning up after me while I’ve gone adventuring. Gone will feel strange, but I will enjoy the return even more.
So, yes. How does gone feel for you, Don?
How have you been?  I am wanting more from you. And you could say the same for me.  ha ha. or not.
Kristy Braithwaite shared some fun missionary mailing ideas with me today. Maybe this will inspire me.  Hey. I did write you a hand written letter today.  It’s in the mail.  Kristy’s daughter, Kelsey, is writing to Wade Wilson.  What do you hear from your missonary classmates?  I write Kyler regularly. May see Erica Birk this week in Cleaveland, Ohio.  Hope so.  Dad and I are going on a business trip.  He just called to say the Phoenix trip two weeks later was canceled.  Instead will stay on in Cleaveland an extra week.  So the girls and I will be faced with RESPONSIBILITIES at home.  Heaven help.  We can not have dad return to ……..Dead chickens. Dead cats. Dead dogs.  Tall grass.  Laundry.  A fridge full of old take out food.  Piles of tossed mail under laptops. Laundry. Okay, we will be good…..okay, we will try harder.
Things are great here.  Thanks again for the photos.  How is the teaching?  How is the ward/branch?  How is your companion? 
I taught nursery.  It is the best.  When the Taylors came, and I could tell Kevin was staying, I left for the combined 5th week meeting.  Cade Sargeant spoke about temples.  Showed an video.  Got me thinking about the recommend questions.  Got me thinking on my answers.  Got me thinking about my thinking, and about my relationship with God and Christ, and children, and dad………..and expectations, and stuff.  Haven’t been to the temple since we went to Bountiful that day, but I think about it.  Visualize it sometimes.  What it means to me….or what I think it should mean…..or what I want it to mean.  I don’t have to go somewhere to be there because I can be there in my mind.  This is amazing I think.  Sometimes being there is best though.  
So I will fly home from Cleaveland Saturday.  Dad will stay on there another week.  This will be strange, but everything will be fine.  I am hoping the girls will appreciate my return.
Please share any insights, or higher light and knowledge with me.  I have been writing a ton.  Mostly a mind dump.  Feels good….sometimes like emptying the trash, or vaccuum bag, or those bagless ones now days.  I am glad I can do this through writing, because I can not remember the last time I vaccuumed. I swept the kitchen on Saturday though.  ha ha.  We are still quite the remissful house keepers.  Miss your organization…..presence at the computer in the front room.  This is Delanie more and more.  Devon goes to her lair as she does.
Better let you go and get going on some sub plans for Thursday/Friday.  I love you.  Love is never letting go…….and at the same time, letting go.  Love, Mom.

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