Email to Donavon: Funeral, Commic Con, Wedding, Rain

Dear Anziano Robertson,                                                                                                                                        Sunday, September 8, 2013

It is raining. …………~~~&~~~………………Falls as an early morning lullaby.  Like a favorite Pandora Channel that I play for students each morning””””””…””'”””””….””””””….”””””””…”””
Soothing. And very different from the wet assault ///!!!!!!////!!!!!////Friday afternoon, & yesterday’s wave of delightfully heavy sheets]]]]]]]]]]])))))))))))))))))) >>>!!!<<<<))))))}}}}}}})))) 🙂 at
the family Celebration of Aunt Nita’s life. The party was as my cousin Shawn Campbell’s yard in Cottonwood Heights.  Chiropractor turned life coach/energy worker with his wife Theresa.  Nita was very much into energy work and was a Reike Master.  Good to see and catch up with all these cousins, aunts, and uncles.  Shawn’s family played bluegrass music.  So awesome to hear the band together, even Shawn’s ex-wife was a part……just like old times…..smilling and working that washboard and clapping it out on the spoons and singing.  They are a joy.  When the rain hit, it forced us all to scramble under back awnings and portable shade, and umberellas.  It was quite fun.  Most everyone was full of understanding smiles and scutterings, especially the small ones.  I offered the big rainbow BYU Invitational umbrella to a few children, who twirled and laughed in the game of it…….until some killjoy took it away.  The rain forced everyone to tighter quarters, ushering in cozy conversation.  Everyone rubbing shoulders, and backsides.  ha ha…..sort of like Commic Con earlier that day, only on a smaller scale.  My cousin Clay confessed he was headed there after the party to see his artist son at a booth.  Told him, “Good practice!”
Devon and I went to Commic Con.  You probably have heard of this.  The first time ever held in SLC.  At the Salt Palace Convention Center.  Crazy fun.  Probably a MILLION people there.  Don’t know what fire code is for this structure, but I’m pretty sure we exceeded it.  In leaving saw a fire engine and ambulance parked outside in staging.  So, yeah.  Devon wanted to go.  Dad didn’t want her to drive downtown.  Devon’s friends fizzled. So I took the two of us on an adventure.  Trolled past Pioneer Park and the Farmer’s Market.  Law of Attraction brought us the perfect FREE parking spot.  Headed north toward Energy Solutions at someones recommendation.  Saw a woman pushing a stroller coming toward us.  Asked her, “Can I ask you a question?”  She said, “No.”  Walked on by.  I said, “Seriously?” in disbelief.  Wow.  Never saw that coming.  Wondered what she thought we were selling, or panhandling, or…..who knows.  That’s what I get for posing a choice I guess.  Found the Delta Center.  Nothing happening here.  Saw people in Cos play costume form.  Followed them East toward temple square.  Found the right block.  Unbelievable.  Walked, and walked, and walked in awe of a mile long python line that snaked doubley around an entire city block to find both its beginning and its end at the doors of the Convention Center.
People in neon alien green shirts that read CREW were atop the steps, holding back crowds.  One blaring directions through a riot like bull horn.  People were calm, but anxious in there creeping forward.  It was obvious that our three hour window would not be big enough to let Commic Con into our lives.  So we became resigned to just walking along and looking at sidewalk wares, and then heading back to the Farmer’s market for fresh peaches….when I heard another green alien Tshirt person telling fellow slitherers “If you want a faster way in……then go to the door and tell them you want to volunteer for a couple hours.  You’ll get a free T-shirt, and a pass as well.
So, I told Devon, “Come on!  Play along.  You are 18 now. ”  So we went for it.  No questions asked, made our way in, signed releases, and set to work volunteering.  Began and ended at the front doors….ha ha…….holding them open for the million to file in.  In “Rock On form”  similar to Jere Holmes’ and Devin Smith’s  “Full out Fourth” quarter…..I held my arm to the square, (recommiting to improving CRT scores) and could almost see the spires of the temple from where I stood. Not really…. Actually we were encouraging patrons to show us their green alien wrist bands in passing.  It was fun to be smiley and energetic in greeting these excited visitors who had been waiting hours to summit those steps.  Some cheered, shouted “ROCK ON!” or did a fist pump, or knuckle bump in passing.  Lot’s of little kids in costume too.  Kept watching for Annabel Vernon and Jared, but never did.
After an hour of tiring arms, formulated an escape plan.  Another volunteer, who had initially directed me from his perch on the steps, magically showed up to hold a door to my right.  Began talking to him.  Someone named Jerry.  He had been here every day since Thursday.  I was a bit confused at how, and why someone with a VIP pass would give his time in volunteering.  Hmm.  Jerry, who had become our ticket into volunteering, also became our parting gift.  He was headed into the inner sanctum to take pictures with a really nice camera, and offered to guide us to all the best parts.
Devon wanted to see the Lord of the Rings exibit.  It was amazing with life sized figures or Gollum, and the blue orch, original, or copies of the weapons used in the Peter Jackson epic saga.  But she really wanted to consume with her eyes an Eroine elfen necklace.  Found….but at #200 dollars, same as online, her dream was dashed.  I will have to remember this for future reference.  Pushed on through thousands of sweaty photo posing bodies.  Saw celebrity row, which was a bunch of canvas tents set up along one wall of  twenty or more big names…..only remember a few.  William Shatner, and other actors who played sci fi roles like superman, Star Trek, Battle Star Galactica, The Next Generation, and more.  Not interested in these expensive photo ops.
There was an area of maybe fifty or more mighty lite tables where people were resting over  a hundred different board games.  A ton of food booths, and thousands of vendor booths, of every imaginable thing for sale.  Mostly art, and artsy high tech services, books, posters, themed merchandise.
In one of the Grand Ball Rooms was the Cos Play contest.  In two rounds, each of which spotlighted thirty entries, were the most amazing people in commic, fantasy, sci fi, anime homemad costumes……some acting out parts of scenes, and strutting their stuff.  Loved this very much.  Favorites included LEGO Batman with deployable bat wings, at least twenty feet across.  The crowd roared when he activated these on stage.  Another favorite was a cute family of Hobbit characters:  tiny boy was Bilbo, tiny girl was an elf queen, dad was Gandolf, the mom….a kind of red dragon lady, I think.  Her dress was amazing, with sleeves that looked like dragon wings.  Master chief, Iron man, Thor…..on an on…..amazingness. Then the MC invinted anyone else, unregistered contestants,  who just wanted to walk across the stage to come up and do so.  Some of the best were in this unofficial group.  I think if I was such an enthusiast, I could see myself creating something, and entering.  You should do this Donavon! When you get back.  You and Samantha!!!
And so our late morning/early afternoon was spent.  Devon was sad she did not leave with precalculated treasures.  I was simply happy in journeying…..and for free…..and to have an adventure..and to get a picture of me with Sophie & scarecrow from Hal’s Moving Castle…and to think we had gotten away with something……and were still a service to others.  Yep!  Pretty great.
Well, gotta go.  My intention was to send a quick “Hi!” but this turned into a full blown blog post…… yes!  I will do school work and MATHS class later.  Church first, I suppose.  Gotta get ready.  I love you and hope that everything is going well in Crotone, on the mainland.  Looks like it is located somewhere  on the sole of the boot.  On the ball of the foot, or arch of the foot.  Dunno  the google map I glanced at was so tiny. ha ha……also, I am sending a cut and paste from something I found about Pythagoras.  I guess Crotone is where Pythagoras established his school of learning.  Let me know if you tour anything of import, and PLEASE SEND PHOTOS!!!!!!  I LOVE THE VISUAL YOU……well, I love anything you will send to me.  All the best, MOM 🙂

Pythagoras was born on the Greek island of Samos, which made him a Samian.

By the way, another bright man born on this island was Aristarchus of Samos. But we are 200 years ahead of ourselves. Back to Pythagoras.

Pythagoras’ strong suit was mathematics and philosophy. He went to Crotone in southern Italy and started his own learning center.

And here you can find Crotone, Italy, on the Google map (see red marker).

What is the Theorem of Pythagoras?

The Pythagorean theorem goes as follows

a2 + b2 = c2

In other words, the sum of the squares on the legs of a right triangle is equal to the square of the hypotenuse. Algebra is our friend.

Euclid agreed and proofed the theorem right by means of his windmill, you know it as Euclid’s Windmill.

What is Pythagoreanism?

First of all, pythagoreanism is a wonderful word. Try to weave it into your conversation today.

Secondly, it was the big P’s spiritual inheritance; so much more than algebraic formulae, but rather a form of religion. Transmigration of the soul, astronomy, mathematics in music, numbers in everything, vegetarianism, and much more were covered in the teacher’s outline.

And of course there were disciples, the Pythagoreans.



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