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Karate Spirit Show and Tyell

A Kiai Cry Out to First Degree Black Belt, Sensei Fitch….Ahye! Devon and I arrived home late last night after spending some seven hours together. This in itself is quite remarkable. Our lives are typically busy stretches of studying, doing … Continue reading

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Did I Ms. Something in the Color of America?

Hmm.  If running for Ms. America is what you love to do, then do it.  Find your ‘Personal Legend, and live it.  People are faulty….Period.  They will see you, judge you, and talk about it.  Sell you out.  Even if … Continue reading

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Feeling Betty Botter’s Bitter Butter at Home……Under Devon’s Look of Death

I have been told…..according to the “Law of Attraction,”  there is either Love…….or lack of love.  I feel I’m in a blurry in between. Not sure what I was drawing to me tonight in facing an unfortunate plight after taking … Continue reading

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Weekly email to Anziano Robertson

Wednesday, Sept. 25th, 2013 Dear Donavon, Sorry if I didn’t get an email to you.  I can’t remember if I sent one earlier in the week, but probably didn’t with the Caterpillar/hives incident I had.  So here is a small … Continue reading

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Mountain Air

Playing Amidst Fall Colors 9/22/13 Autumn brings the harvest, and every other needful thing… weather stripping, furnace filters, snow tires, PLAY, the gathering of frost killed vine tomatoes, and the saucing of dusty apples. Ahhh Choo! “Want to see me … Continue reading

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Migrations & Mitigations

GUYS AND DOLLS…..a sort of Movie Review and Interpretation by Heidi Robertson, of one of the best Rogers and Hammerstein musicals, Guys and Dolls, on NetFlix. Dinner and a movie at home with Mark and Devon, in the absence of our Italian son, … Continue reading

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Gratitude Attitude: I am here for you :)

Thank you.  Two words so often said without thinking.  Too often launched in vain repitition repeated in prayer, or in passing.  But full of power when fully actuated and realized.  The firefighter appreciation dinner was a heart felt outreach from … Continue reading

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