Why You Should Pray for Your Child’s Teacher


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Coalville Community Arts Day Sidewalk Mural, NSES, May 11, 2019


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Watch “BATHTUBS OVER BROADWAY – Official Trailer [HD] – Now Streaming on Netflix” on YouTube

This is pretty awesome! Maybe I will have the kids write original Industrial Musicals.

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Watch “Skills Every Child Will Need to Succeed in 21st century | Dr. Laura A. Jana | TEDxChandigarh” on YouTube

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For the Love of… Trees


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Canvas at the Cove


Muralists at China Bridge had nothing on us and our out-stallation on a blue-washed .   Bank See!? No protest here. We made  a great day of play.  Hiking the back road to the Spillway.  Clamboring boulders and scree. Breathing Wind and waves. Solitude.  Sun. Photography.   Miles of beach.  One sailboat, one kayak, a few campers. Romping, talking,  Rock chipping, rock skipping.  Sand drawing, Claiming driftwood treasure, leaves, gull feathers, and marveling a two-inch baby lizard.  Yay for today!

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Facing the music

The song works.  My Angel shared it with me.  If she knew I was posting this she would say, “Now say three nice things about your school day.” Okay.  1.  Two hundred donated sketchbooks.  2. Community people outside of my Community who genuinely care about kids and teachers.  3.  Kids.  Oh, and…Filing some piles of newly planned Curriculum.  I am a piler.  What can I say?

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